July 21, 2016


Not all techniques or method will work everyday. That is why there is no such thing as a perfect technique. Your technique may work yesterday but not today and that is normal. Because techniques works in different scenarios but there are really some situations where it will not work and that is just the part of it.

But if your technique is working and still getting the job done, don't ever change it nor replace it, just continue using it. It may not work on some days but for sure it will work on other days.

Some people, if they see that their technique is not working, they will find another technique immediately. What they do not know is that it may still work on some situations, all they have to do is wait for that situation where it can be implemented.

Just like in things, if you see that your cellphone is not functioning well, you will immediately look for a replacement. That is why you are broke, that is why you can't save money. You never wanted to use what is still working. Just a few seconds of lag time and you will already swipe your credit card to purchase the brand new cellphone with free spy camera. Is it really needed? or you just want something new and cool?

Not all new will work, not all new will fit to your liking. Sometimes you are just blinded by its unfamiliarity and mystery. But once you use it for a few times, you will say to yourself "why did I get this? I don't like it for real".

Use your out of tune guitar if it is still making a sound. Use you cellphone that has a battery that gets drained easily. Use your rusty car even if it is just running 40kph in maximum. Use your tshirt with some holes in it, just sew it and you will look cool again. Use your bike with just one gear, it is in the legs not in the quality of a bike.

Use everything that is still working, it can save you money, it can make your future brighter.

The main point here is if it is still working, use it. It is still up to you how are you going to use it, it is still up to you how are you going to make the situation epic with the defective things that you have.