July 26, 2016


A lot of people were suffering from this shitty disorder. Some are even committing suicide so I take time to write an article about it and provide an immediate solution.

Obsessive compulsive is repeating things or actions for numerous times even though you know that you already did it. Doing things like checking keys every minute even if you knew that you have it in your pocket, washing your hands every 5 seconds, memorizing scripts over and over again even though you knew it already and any other repetitions that makes you look like a damaged cassette tape repeating without stopping.

1. Be in the moment. You want to repeat because you want to make sure if you did it already, if you are in the moment then you don't need to repeat things or check things if you have it. If you are aware of what is going on then you will become more confident in yourself and you don't need to double check the things that you already did. Be yourself, always be aware of what you are doing, be mindful of what you are saying, thinking and moving. Never take things for granted, always appreciate what you are doing so it will be very memorable to you and you don't need to repeat things that you already did.

2. Trust yourself. It is ok to repeat things over and over again if its purpose is to gain some strength or improve a little bit. Activities like running everyday, lifting weights everyday, studying everyday, practicing everyday. It is all good even though you are doing it in extreme, it is good because your purpose is to become stronger. But if you think that you need to do it because you are still weak and you need to repeat it to the point where you cannot move anymore... then you are having mental problems. You don't need to repeat something because you are weak, you need to repeat it because you wanted to become stronger. There is a big difference there, repeating something because you think you are weak will make you even weaker. You will repeat the process over and over again but you still think you are weak, you will arrive to a point where you don't want to do it anymore because you are not achieving results and you are very tired but your mind will say repeat again because you are still weak. You will become very stressed and depressed.

But if you are repeating something because you think it is making you stronger is healthy. You don't need to doubt if you are strong or not, all you think is you need to do it because you want to become better. You will become more motivated and you know when to rest, you know when to stop, you will not over fatigue yourself unlike someone who is so worried about not getting strong so he has to do it again and again.

3. Live with the results. Ok so once you live with the moment and you become mindful of what is going around then live with the results.

Once you live your house and you know that you put the keys inside your bag, stop checking it every second, live with the result. Your mind is tricking you, it is saying that you don't have it even though you know that you have it. Live with the result, stop checking it and if you really don't have it so be it. If you really forgot it so be it.

If you already memorized the words for your exam tomorrow and you know you give your best, then stop studying over and over again, be confident, if you fail so be it. If you forgot what you study so be it. Just stop acting like crazy and wanting to control everything, you cannot control everything if you are a control freak.

4. Accept that life is not perfect. People with obsessive compulsive disorder wants to become perfect, they always wanted to become clean, smooth and unscrutinized. The moment you wanted to become perfect is the moment you will attract a lot of mistakes and flaws. Accept that sometimes your hands are dirty, accept that sometimes you tend to forget things. Never aim for a perfect life because that will never come.

Just let everything flow, that is the key to treat obsessive compulsive disorder. Always be aware if you are repeating something like a maniac who can't find himself. Live your life without so much control, that is the key of having a peace of mind.