July 04, 2016


Waiting is really a very irritating situation. You want to do other things but you have to wait. Waiting tests the patience of an individual. Waiting occurs everywhere. You have to wait in line, you have to wait for your order in the restaurant, you have to wait for your visa, you have to wait for the girl that you are courting to say YES, you have to wait for you time. If you will not wait then you will not be able to get what you want. I think waiting is essential, it gives space to everything, if you don't have to wait then you don't have enough time to think, if you don't have to wait then there will be no room for other things to happen.

Some people are very patient in waiting because they don't want to stress themselves, they knew nothing good will happen if they will explode and feel bad. While some people are very impatient and even fight other people because they thought that they were waiting for so long and they felt that they were disrespected. These people usually end up in jail or fist fights because they don't give importance to bigger things. They just want to release their emotions at the moment and they don't care what will happen next.

But waiting can be avoided, yes it's true, you just need to have a proper mindset.

1. Focus on the other things. If you are waiting in line and you find yourself being impatient, immediately think some other things, things that are interesting and can make you feel better. If you are in a grocery line and the line seems like endless and not moving, look for some other things, look at the other grocery items, look at other people, watch what are they doing. If you have a games on your cellphone play it, you can even listen to music if you can do.

By doing this, the  anger that is building inside of you will be toned down, you will not noticed that a lot of time is passing away. Focusing on other things will invite other emotions into your system. If you focus on happy things then happiness will dominate your thoughts and of course you will become happier. The more you become happy the faster the time will run.

2. Become the boss. Bosses never wait, if you will try to become the boss such as manager, owner, big time politician, millionaire or any other big personality then you will never have to wait again. People will give you special treatment, you will have a lot of reservations. People will be scared to make you wait because they knew you have some king of power.

If you are a boss, even if there are some situations where you really have to wait, you don't mind it. Because while you were still pursuing a higher position, you were already waiting. The patience and perseverance were already built while you are in your journey for becoming a boss so waiting is not a new thing to you anymore. In anything that you are doing, you know that you have to practice becoming patient so you will succeed.

3. Widen your knowledge. Understand that waiting is just a part of your life, it is part of the process. If you will force the situation then bad things will happen. Accepting that you have to wait and everything will be alright will make you feel better. Just keep in mind that waiting will make you more patient, it will make you a better person. It has a positive side and all it does is make you better than yesterday.


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