July 22, 2016


That is why you are failing, that is why you have no direction, that is why you keep on changing and refuse to take the path that was set from the very beginning. Your belief changes on the middle of your journey, but why?

Just a little bump on the road and your belief decreases? just a little adversity and you change your mind completely. Listen to me, if you will always change your belief or somehow lessen it along the way... you will never become successful. You will achieved mediocre results that was not really what you want from the very beginning.

If you set a goal and you don't want lesser than that, your belief in the end should be the same from the very beginning. In the beginning you were very brave, you were so confident, you want to conquer all the challenges but after learning that it is hard... your belief suddenly changes, you begin to doubt yourself, you are always hesitant to move, you wanted to go back and start a new journey. If the situation gets tougher your belief should become stronger.

Your body may change, your speed can change, your strength can decrease but your belief... It should remain the same, it is much better if you can make it stronger. The stronger your belief, the bigger is your chance of winning.

How can you make your belief stay the same or even stronger?

1. Never take your eyes off the goal. You should think about winning everyday, you should do something to make you closer to your goal, even if the action is very small, do it. Let the thought of winning dominate the thought of losing. Feel like you've already won, dream about it, talk about it to the people that you trust. Your goal should be in your mind 24 hours a day.

2. Never entertain non-believers. This is a big test to your belief, if you listen to people who were discriminating your beliefs then you will become weak, your belief will be destroyed. You will have self doubt and you will think if you will still continue. You should be like a rhino that keeps on destroying whatever is infront of him. You should keep on moving forward even if there are some people who were stopping you and pulling you down. Critics are normal, just laugh at it and don't get serious about it.

3. Find the best reason why you should continue. Find an inspiration to win, it can be your mother, father, wife or anything that will inspire you. Your belief will be fueled by your inspiration. Once you are suffering, think about what inspires you and your belief will come back again. You will to win will become stronger again.