July 20, 2016


Danger is everywhere, it cannot only be found from criminals, nuclear weapons, bomb scare, terrorist etc. Sometimes you don't know you were already possessing dangerous things that will make your life bad. Better check what is going on with your life and completely get rid of the things that you found dangerous.

There are some things that are very dangerous but people tend to take it for granted. These things can destroy lives, dreams and relationship. You better get rid of these things before it completely destroy you.

1. Listening to what people say. This is shit is really dangerous, especially if you are listening to negative things about you that is making you feel weak, powerless and incapable of achieving something great. Never listen to something that doesn't give you strength. Most people now are genius, they know what is good for everyone but they cannot make themselves better. Why will you listen to them? don't you have your own judgement? don't you have your own beliefs? Listen to something that empowers you and not that weakens you. You have the right to choose ideas that you want to listen. You have the right to filter thoughts that are not helping you. If someone is making you feel bad face to face, just pretend that you believe and then put his ideas into garbage right away. You don't need to engage in a confrontation, you have better things to do, do it!

2. Procrastination. Knowing the things that you must do and not doing it is pathetic. Why do you keep on postponing your task? you will still do it later. The worse thing is you will crumble because there is lesser time remaining. Procrastination is a deadly disease. It delays the success, it delays the improvement, it can even make you crazy because you are so confused on what to do next. You kill a lot of time because of procrastinating not knowing that time is the most valuable property that you have. Procrastination makes people poor, it stops the progress, it is blocking you from being successful. It is very dangerous so stop doing it.

3. Self pity. Not only this shit is very dangerous it is also very disgusting. Why will you pity yourself if you can change your life only if you will move and think the right way? Don't feel pity for yourself if you are still alive. Yeah you maybe in a bad situation and maybe it is true that you are not treated fairly by the people around you but that doesn't mean that you lost the chance of living a better life.

In order to beat self pity, you must move. You must take little steps each day so you will forget your situation. Some people who experience badder treatments than you still made it in life and they were able to turn things around. You too can change your life, you too can become rich, popular and successful. Stop joining the pity party, you have the strength, you are complete, you can do it.

4. Lack of focus. For me this is the most dangerous thing... you will set a goal, you will tell that you will achieve it in one year, you will work hard now and tomorrow you will bum with your friends. You will work hard for a second and party for hours. Your lack of focus is the number one reason why your success is derailing. Your lack of focus makes you change ways everytime you feel difficulty. Just stick to your goal no matter what. Focus your energy for the victory. It's grind season homie, stop acting like you all have the time in the world and you can start tomorrow. This is the moment, this is the right time. Focus your will to something and never look back!