July 24, 2016


You can become finesse anytime. But it's hard to force because too much effort will be needed.

Force is more effective than finesse,  I will tell you why. In life if you will not force something the result will be nothing. If you can force yourself to move and do all the steps to become successful or at least build a habit that will bring you success then you are there. You just need some time and you will get there. 

How about being finesse? are you just going to relax and take calculated and planned actions if things aren't going on your way? are you just going to chill, pretend that everything is alright and hope that one day the opportunity will come to you?

Sometimes you need to act rough, you need to use strength or else you will eat dust. 

During rush hour and you needed to ride on an train or something, let's say there are lot of people waiting... when the ride is there and people swarm it to have a seat... what will you do? Are you going to act smooth and let other people have their seats first before you take yours? Well, goodluck to you, you might arrived at your destination tomorrow or next year. Or are you going rumble with other people and take what is rightfully yours? the choice is yours, you can act like a man who is working on a corporate world or you can transform into a wrestler that is willing to sacrifice his body in order to win. 

There are situations where you need to use brute force in order to produce results. You can't be acting like a diva that is just waiting for things to be handed to her.

Our world is getting faster, meaner and smaller. The competition is getting tighter, jobs are getting harder. If you will use finesse then you will get less, if you will use force then you can be the number one horse.