July 22, 2016


If you are always looking for an easy life then you will get less. If you are that type of person who is ok with working hard then you will get more.

Look at those lazy employee in the government who are working less... I've seen it while I am fixing my papers, they were the ones who were working on my papers and I've seen how lazy they were. What they can do in 30 minutes, they will do it in 2 days. The sadder thing is you can't even complain because they will get mad at you and will delay your papers even more. Those people think they are getting more by doing less but the reality is not. All they have is their laziness, they are not growing, they are not learning something. Yes, they are earning money but not that big. Just enough to feed their lazy bodies and survive the day. They have no chance being promoted, they don't know anything else. All they can offer is their laziness and nothing else. The conclusion is... they are getting less.

Their job is very easy that is why they cannot grow, they are experiencing less difficulty but they are not satisfied with their lives. They were like pigs waiting to be butchered. They are achieving less, they are learning less and all they wait is to become 60 years old so they can retire and enjoy their retirement pay. What a life!

But if you work hard you will get more. The universe will reward you because you are inspiring a lot of people. You are giving the world a lot of work that is why it will come back to you.

You will learn a lot if you are working hard. You have a bigger chance of getting promoted, more money will come to you, more opportunities will be showered to you. You will gain strength because you are facing all the stressful situations that hardens you, you will grow everyday. That is what hardwork does.

So don't ever be afraid to work hard because it is the only key to victory. Working hard is they key to growth, it is the door to greatness. I never see someone who works so soft and succeed in life.

Doing hard things will make you get a lot. All those stressful situations, all those hard drills, all those big responsibilities... it will give you rewards that are priceless. It is hard working hard but doing easy things is not something to be proud of, you didn't gain anything, you remain the same.