July 26, 2016


Breathe a little, relax, give yourself some time to think, give your mind a breathing room. Life is not all about attacking back or returning the damage. Sometimes you need a little timing, you need to establish your rhythm so you can execute better and produce efficient results.

If your opponent scores on you, what you have in mind is to get back on them, score on them too. And what happens? you fail right? you fail because there is a little bit rush on your side, you are thinking too much. You let your emotions rule you that is why mistakes are happening repeatedly.

You need more patience if you wanted to win. You need to relax your muscles a little bit, give your self some time, a few seconds will do then attack right away.

Being impatient is not intelligent. It will only make things worse, you are only putting yourself into a quicksand that you cannot escape. That is why a lot of gamblers lost their money as fast as a thunder. When they lose their money, they wanted to win back right away, they never let the bad energies left them, all they have in mind is to go all in and win back what they've lost and the result is... bankruptcy.

There is a timing for fighting back, there is a correct method to counter attack. Life is not all about attack and attack, you need to think smart so you won't do the same mistakes again. You need to have composure so your efforts won't be wasted. Winning is achievable even if you have the strongest opponent, you just need to be more patient and put your mind in the right place.