July 21, 2016


Do you really need motivation?

The answer is not really. Yes motivation is good, motivation makes you pumped up and excited but sooner or later it will fade away. You don't know where did it go. It's like your crush that walks infront of you, makes you excited, makes you blush and then goes away without permission.

Motivation is something that you don't need to be dependent with. You don't need to rely on it a lot because once you lose motivation... you're dead. For me, motivation is just a spark plug to your engine. You need it but you don't need it forever.

A lot of people were so addicted to motivation that they already forgot how to take action. People were so motivated, they will talk about their dreams, they will talk about possibilities but if you will check their lives, they never accomplished anything big. They really believe that nothing is impossible but they were still afraid to take actions. They just wanted the input but they never try to make an output.

Motivation can appear anytime, it can also disappear anytime. What if you really need it at the moment and you cannot find it? what if you are in a middle of a pressure situation and you cannot find the motivation to keep going?

The things that you need to have are mindset and commitment. Nothing more, nothing less. These two are very powerful elements for success. These two things can put you on top and can make you number one.

If you have a fixed mindset of no matter what you will get it then you will get it. You will do whatever it takes to get it regardless of what is going on around you. If your mindset cannot be change by ugly circumstances then you will prevail in the end. You can become wounded like a tiger, tired like a dog and hungry like a wolf but you will never give up. All you have in your mind is that goal and you will push until the end to get it.

COMMITMENT. This thing fuels the mindset, you don't need to get motivated if you have commitment. You don't need to look for motivation once you are really committed in taking steps that will bring you further to your dream. You will just do it everyday because you are committed. You don't care if you are tired, you don't care if you are mentally weak on that day. Once you are committed, you are like a robot that will just do it. You will forget about your emotions, you will stick to the plan and make it happen.