July 20, 2016


If you got fired in your job, what are you going to do? are you going to drink all day long and spend all the money that you have telling all of your friends how you've been treated unfairly?

You now have a lot of time in your life, instead of getting bitter try to make yourself greater. Do something productive, do something that will give you some money. Stop acting like it is the end of the world and there is nothing you can do about your situation. Your whining and bitching will give you nothing. It's time to act like a real man homie! Find something to do, it can be finding a new job, passing resumes online, anything that is positive. And don't ever make an excuse that you need a few weeks to rest because you are emotionally hurt, you're not a diva, you don't need to cry. If you postpone the solution you will attract destruction.

Put your mind in the right place, thinking about past will make your failure last. Failing at one point is not your ending point. You have a lot of time now because you don't have anything to do except from looking for a new job that will save your ass.

Most people, after being fired in their job will never find another job anymore. It is simply because they don't want to do anything about it. They will bury themselves in a stupid drama and will blame their bosses why they are failing and suffering. They don't know that being fired in a job might be a blessing in disguise because if they found a new job, it may give them a higher pay.

If you will not do anything positive and productive in your vacant time then you are in trouble my friend. Your mind will not be in peace, it will fly anywhere, it will be attracted to stupid ideas like drinking, addiction and being negative. The result is.... tadah! you are an instant bastard. It feels like you want to escape form a quicksand but your feet were already buried deep and you cannot move anymore, all you can do is watch yourself being devoured by the quicksand.

There is no time relax during your vacant time especially if you are recently fired in your job. The next step is to stand up right away and look for another job that is better and will treat you like a real human being. Never let any negative thoughts destroy you, yeah they fire you but it has no other meaning. It doesn't mean you are not capable of finding another job. Just do the next step and climb your way to the top again.

Never addict yourself to watching TV while waiting for an interview, yeah you pass some resumes online but that is not enough. Read some newspapers, ask some friends if they know a job opening. Walk to some places and ask for a job. There are millions of ways how to find another one, all you need to do is move and stop being a bumass.