July 21, 2016


If you want to control someone or something then you should practice conditioning. Conditioning is a slow process that brings significant results. If you condition something it will slowly follow your commands and expectations. You may not get the control right away but for sure you will get it in the end.

Conditioning is also the same as repetition. You condition someone or something everyday until they submit to your will.

That is why big companies are paying huge amount money for commercials on tv. Those commercials are conditioning your mind and make it believe that their products were great. And because your mind is poisoned by those lies... you will patronize their products. One big example here is hotdog products, the commercial is showing how healthy the hotdog is, they were even using children growing healthy by eating hotdogs. And you as a parent will believe that shit. How the hell did hotdogs became healthy? That shitty food is full of preservatives but the commercial is showing that it is very healthy. And because your mind believe what your eyes sees... you will fall into the trap.

That is the power of conditioning, at first you wont believe but in the end you eventually will because of the repetitive manipulation to your mind, your mind will become use to what it see so it will believe any lies that are very repetitive.

That is what corrupt politician does, they keep on telling people that they will change the world and make everybody rich. People always hear it, these politicians are very good in conditioning someone's brain. And those stupid people will believe them, in the end.. the one who has been conditioned is the loser. They believe in something that will not happen.

You can condition anything, you can condition your mind, you can condition your body. If you are trying to become strong, all you need to do is lift some weights, do it everyday, that is one good conditioning. At first you can't lift heavy weights but if you condition your body and repeatedly lift weights everyday then you will be conditioned to lift the heaviest weights in the future. As simple as it is, all you need is time and continuous effort, there is no secret to it.

Always say NO. If you want your abusive friend to stop using you, always say no. That is conditioning already. At first he can't believe that you have the strength to reject him but do it for many times and you will see that he will no longer seek for your assistance. He will get tired of asking because he already knew the answer and that is NO. He may even stop associating himself with you because he cannot get anything from you anymore. He is conditioned that you are already a strong person so he thinks it is time for him to say goodbye to you.

The hardest part of conditioning is always at the beginning. You are hesitant to condition yourself and condition the people around you because you think that it might not work. Conditioning is also changing, when there is change there is stress that is why conditioning takes a lot of patience and determination.

Conditioning is like hypnotizing. You can make people believe, you can make yourself believe into something if you repeatedly say what you wanted to happen.

It is also like knowing that you will already win, all you have to do is repeat what is needed as many times as you can.