July 21, 2016


Being mad is not really bad, especially if your madness can turn into greatness.

What do I mean by this? for example you are mad because you think you are not really living your life. You are mad because you are getting less in life. You are mad because you are sick and tired of your situation. Now, what will you do next is accept your madness and do everything to change your situation.

You will become mad at something, you will become great at something. You have a work ethic that for others is madness. You will work for 22 hours a day. You will force everything just to get something. You will never care about what people say, you are in total madness. Isn't that great?

In other words, your madness will lead to greatness. Yes, you are doing something that for others is irrational, but what can you do? you want to change your situation and you want to get it as fast as you can. It is not that you wanted shortcuts but you just don't want to waste time anymore. The good thing about your madness is you will get positive results from it, you are not hurting any people or doing something illegal. You just look so weird, motivated and very hungry. Doing something over and over again is madness, it is an obsession. But being mad because you want something good is not bad at all. To others you look crazy, but the real crazy person is the one who knows what to do but is not doing it.

So get mad, get angry. Be mad at yourself because you are exerting a mediocre effort, be mad at your situation because it is not what you envisioned. Start being obsessed in work that will give you benefits in the end. Start looking weird, speaking different, exerting a frequency that less people can understand. Star being mad because in the end you will be glad.

Madness will only become bad if your intention is bad, if your intention is to destroy people and make destructive works. But if your madness is simply to achieve something then it is good. Stop caring if you are still part of the reality. Just continue being passionate and being mad.

So don't ever think if there is something wrong with you if you can't stop what you are doing. Don't worry if you are crazy or not because you are working 24 hours a day. Madness is a requirement of greatness. You need to have a non stop work ethic, you need to exert an effort that nobody can match.