July 10, 2016


Everybody wants to win but no one wants to lose that is why few people are winners because only few are willing to lose in order to win.

You are blind if you think that being great is all about winning. Winning is great but if you didn't win, it doesn't mean that you are not great.

If you really wanted to win, you must be willing to lose. Not once, not twice, not thrice but over and over again. If you think that great people were born winners then you must think again. Nobody is born a winner. Winners win because they lost multiple times and then they build a winner's attitude through hardwork and standing up fast once knocked down. They build the winning habits trough pain and not through glory.

So if you are not willing to lose then you will never win. Some people win fast but those are just rare cases, they just became lucky, those are just one in a million stories. But if you really wanted to win... you cannot escape losing, you have to endure the pain in losing but you should not forget to learn the lesson.

There is nothing wrong in losing. Most people were so afraid to lose because they thought other people were laughing at them and seeing them as weak individuals. Some judgemental people will laugh at you because you lost but that's just the part of it. Not all people were nice but you should only focus on what you wanted to hear and not what weakens you.

If you keep on losing then be happy because you will not forever lose, at some point you may already win. So just keep on trying, if you lose be happy, if you win stay humble.

Folks, there is nothing wrong about losing. What is wrong is your attitude after losing. If you have a fuck up attitude and you blame other people and point fingers to circumstances then you will become a loser forever. But if you take losing as a stepping stone and take lessons from it then there is a big chance that you may win next time.

Losing is fun especially if you almost win, but if you take things for granted and let life defeat you then don't try next time anymore, you are just wasting your time. Accept losing but still try your hardest and very best to win.

How will you become a winner through losing:

1. You will have a lot of feedbacks, you will learn a lot of lesson. You will know what is missing in you. You will know what it is that needs improvement. Your knowledge will become wider, you will become smarter if you take notes from losing. Experience is the best teacher, losing will make you tougher.

2. You will have a thick skin. Losing gives you freedom, because you are so familiar with it, you will not be afraid of losing anymore. You aren't scared of the emotion that it gives, you will become loose, you will become fearless because you know winning is next in line. You don't have anything to lose anymore and that will make you more confident.

3. You will become sick and tired of it. You don't even want to hear the word "losing". Because you are sick and tired of it, you will force yourself to win and eventually you will. You will do whatever it takes to win, even the most unimaginable things. You will become invincible, a little bit of irrational but still thriving in the end.