July 31, 2016


No matter how good you are or talented you are, you will still produce some shitty work. This fact applies in everything. You cannot escape this, you are not perfect and you have to accept it.

Even if you are the greatest player, you will still have some nights like you don't know how to play. You will commit a lot of mistakes, you will let the team down and you will play like shit. There is nothing wrong with you, it only shows that you are just a human.

Even if you are the greatest writer, there will be some nights that you cannot literally write anything, your mind goes blank and words cannot show itself to give you a finish result. It seems like you don't know any kind of word in the dictionary and frustration becomes bigger and bigger. You can't find the remedy, you don't know what is wrong with you.

Even if you are the smartest person in your country, you will still make wrong decisions, You will still produce works that are meaningless and cannot contribute to the society. But you have to be ok with it because just like I said you are just a human.

Even if you give your best, there will still be nights where you can't produce something great. Your body is so heavy, your mind is so rusty. You're like a kid who can't do a man's work.

But that is ok, just like I said you're just a human, it only shows that you are not invincible.

Stop blaming yourself, don't be hard on yourself. Let go of what happened and focus on the next thing. You can rest for now, forget everything happened. Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow will be better.

July 31, 2016


What makes your motor move? what makes you move despite of not feeling well? what drives you? what makes you go into that system and do the necessary things to keep that system alive?

If you want to live a certain lifestyle, you have to build habits, relationships and budget to live that lifestyle.

There is a gasoline that fuels each motor. What I am talking about is there are things or situations or even people that can keep a system alive. And it is up to you how to keep that system alive, sometimes you don't even know that your activities are what keeps it alive.

Come to think of it.. have you seen a man on his 20s and living like a bum? he is so lazy, irresponsible and happy go lucky but when he finally got married... his life change completely. He is responsible, he earn more, he is giving enough for his family. Yet he is still complaining with his life because he cannot do the things he used to do before like drinking, partying, smoking and playing. He is even mad because he always caught himself having an argument with his wife and he feels like he is living in hell.

But what he don't know is that his wife is the gasoline of his motor. If he didn't get married then he will not become a more matured man. He will not become responsible and his life will not be in good direction. His family is his system, he is maintaining it and his world revolves around them.Without them, he may still be a bum up to now.

Another case is a man who is living with two wives. It is hard but his two families serve as his motor. He is earning a lot because he knew he have a lot of mouths to fed, He is working hard and he doubles his effort every now and then. When you look at him, he don't seem to be stressed at all. For him, having two families is not a problem because he can find ways how to give them what they need.

When I was in my early 20s, basketball serve as my motor. I am a star player and the same time the manager. I get to choose whose teammates I want to play with, I can play anytime I want during the game, I can play as much I want. But behind that... I am working hard to support my team so we can join some leagues. Some of my earnings also go to my shoes, I am a shoe addict before. My life is simply basketball for five years. It makes me work hard so I can support my hobby, I am the major instrument for making that system alive. I am happy because I've learn a lot and my personality evolves. There are hard times but it only makes me stronger than before.

How about you? what is the gasoline to your motor? what makes your life evolve? what makes you stay motivated? Look at the people around you. What are your activities? If your life is not doing well it simply means your gasoline is not good. You should be aware of what is going on with your life. You should be aware of your hobbies, the people around you and your thoughts. Everything that is connected to your life has something to do with your lifestyle.

July 30, 2016


When things go hard, really really hard and you feel like giving up... you shouldn't because help will come along the way. There is a designated angel for you. And this is true.

But that angel doesn't know that he is your angel. He will just come to help you without any intention of helping you from the very beginning. And this angel will just come if you are truly giving your best and it comes to the point where you want to give up already. 

For example, if you are looking for a job relentlessly and you don't want to stop until you get a job... sometimes you feel like giving up because you are so devastated and downhearted. But just when you are about to give up someone will call on your cellphone and will tell you to report to their office immediately. That person who called you is your angel but he doesn't know about it. 

If your neck is choked by debts, if your house is about to get pulled by a bank...  don't worry because there will be a solution for that problem, the angel can be things or checks or maybe someone with a good heart that will lend you some cold cash. But the thing is this, it will only show if you are working hard and you are not waiting for the help to come. You must look for the solution relentlessly because the angel will only help someone who is deserving and not someone who is just asking. 

If multiple teams have passed on you, they don't want you to be part of their team. And yet you are still working hard, you are still hopeful that one day your talent will be noticed... you are doing the right thing my friend, somewhere along the way an agent will talk to you and will help you to sign for a contract for a certain team. The contract may not be that big yet but it is already the encore to your success. 

Help will come, there is a designated angel that will help you. The universe is good, it is working for you but help will only come to you if you are truly deserving. If you are a lazy bum ass wanting to become rich without working then goodluck to you. You may die waiting for a help that will never come. 

So just continue working hard and search for solutions even though your situation is really hard. Help will come and it is guaranteed. But again, you should not wait for it because it will never come, you should show the world first that you are deserving to get some help.

July 30, 2016


In order to have progress, in order to become mentally and physically stronger and be the number one in your game... you should have a MENTAL LOGBOOK. Now, what is this? mental logbook is consistently listing in your head what you've accomplished yesterday and giving yourself a memo if you miss doing something today.

It goes like this... you should always remember what you did yesterday and compare it to how are you doing now. Are you better than yesterday? if yes then good but if not then you should make adjustments or else you will go down little by little.

Record in your mental logbook the consistency and the continuity of your process. If you did 50 push ups yesterday then it is a must that you have to do it again or at least even add more. If you run for 30 minutes yesterday then you should run 30 minutes again today or even more. Your mental logbook should only be about yesterday and today. It's main purpose is to make you consistent and make the fire burning inside of you. In short your mental logbook is a connection between the past and the present so you can build a stronger future.

The good thing about your mental logbook is if you are very serious about it then you will never miss a day. It will also remind you if you miss doing your routine yesterday. If you miss it yesterday then it is a must that you should do it now or else you will not be doing it forever.

Your mental logbook will be your life. It is true that the thing that you are doing everyday defines you. So if you are consistently running everyday then it means you are fit and you are capable of competing at the highest level. It is a great tool to develop a skill, change your life and succeed in life. The challenge is to challenge yourself to beat the work yesterday so you can reach another level.

You can also add more activities into your mental logbook. If running or a certain activity is very easy for you to do already and it doesn't need to be logged because it is already a habit then you can add another skill or routine to be developed.

You can add something like meditating for 5 minutes everyday, earning extra 5 bucks a day or even learning a musical instrument everyday. Just add one skill at a time, once you mastered it then it is time for you to add another one. Don't keep adding a lot because it will make you overwhelmed and stressed.

July 29, 2016


There millions of ways on how to do or achieve things. You are just afraid how to do it on your own or maybe your mind is conditioned on how to do specific things and you are not willing to try other things.

Everything you need is already around you or inside of you, you just need to change your perspective or experiment a little bit. Just like a situation where you are having a juice and your juice is very sweet so you want to tone down the sweetness a little bit. It is either you add some water into your juice or you eat other sweets like candies or chocolates and when you drink your juice, it is not that sweet anymore.

If you want to run a marathon... the first requirement is you have to have a running shoes. But what if you don't have? You can run using other shoes like ballet shoes and combat shoes. It is funny but what if those are the only shoes available? what if you are poor as rat and those are the only shoes you can see in your house? and even if you don't have any shoes you can still run feet naked? I am right or correct? It is still up to you. Find what is your real purpose for running the marathon. If it is just to look cute like others in the social media, posting what they are doing then you better steal some nike shoes. But if your purpose is to get healthy and prepare for some important competition then you will use what is available in your surrounding.

Ideas on how to achieve a certain type of goal will never ran out. There are millions of ideas how to achieve something. If you want to become rich, you can join the lottery, rob a bank or work the hardest you can. It is up to you which path you want to take, The decision is yours, it is your life. Just make sure your decision will not bite your ass in the end.

July 29, 2016


I think everyone is great, everyone is an expert in something the only question is... is your greatness something you can be proud of? is your  greatness something your family and friends can be proud of? is it something to talk about? can your greatness move the world?

If you are hurting your ass by sitting and just watching TV for 12-14 hours a day then that is greatness too. You will memorize the different channels, what are the next movies to watch, what are the full schedules of the channels and basically you know what is happening around the world. You know who is the latest celebrity that is pregnant by watching gossip channels, you know who is the drug lord that has been killed by watching News and any other stupid things. Basically you really know a lot. Your house mates have a source to ask if they want to know what are the nicest movies to watch, wasn't that great? Honestly, you are also great, you are the master of your own domain. You know a lot about TV, you know everything about sports, celebrities, news, soap operas etc. You are the king of your sofa.

If you are a video game addict, you are also great. You know all the video game characters, you know the cheats, you finished a lot of games. And speaking of finishing, at least you learn how to finish in life. You are great because if someone sees you playing in a slot machine at the mall... they will be amazed at how you easily destroy your opponents or finish a certain level. You are great, you're like a game master. You even know the latest gadgets for playing video games, you know what brands are good. You are killing it.

Some people are great in telling lies, they know how to manipulate people. They know how to invent stories that will benefit them. They were great too even if their greatness is negative. They mastered a skill that for everyone is ugly bit the truth is... it is still greatness. They knew that they can get away at anything by just telling lies, they knew they were really great at telling lies. And if you are sure of your skills and you know you will prevail then you are great.

Some people were great in procrastinating... Yeah you heard me right, they were also great. Can you imagine yourself putting aside an important task and not doing it for weeks. They will only do it if great danger is threatening them. Some people even don't want to take a bath for weeks even though their butt is itching like hell. They don't care about it. It didn't bother them at all. They take procrastination to another level. Even if their moms wanted to kill them because they were too lazy... they still don't care, all they wanna do is procrastinate.

Some people were great in posting at social media, they post a lot. They post and post and post even if their posts were nonsense. They don't care because they were great. Some people were even great in making enemies, these people were naturally annoying and they can't finish their day without fighting anyone. The fight can be about small or big things, physically or mentally. They don't care at all. They were really great in fighting.

You too can become great, all you have to do is repeatedly do one thing everyday, do it for number of hours and you will become great. Greatness can either be positive or negative. That is why there are even some people who were great in killing, they were always hired because they are professionals, their job is very clean. There are even some people who are great in hating, they bash, they trash talk, they pull somebody down and they really destroy some lives. They are great is spreading negativity.

But the question is... is your greatness contributing to the world? is your greatness gonna give you benefits in the end? will it make your life better? You can become great at anything just make sure your choice is right.

July 28, 2016


Some excuses were true but a lot of people were escalating it to the point where it is annoying and not helping them anymore. They focused on their excuses that is why they can't move in life.

It is true that some people will not treat you right, it is true that you are deserving than others, it is true that sometimes the world is so mean. But did those millions of excuses of yours serve you? did it change your life? I never remember anyone who succeeded in life that made an excuse, if there is anyone you know can you tell me? Winners never made excuses because they are winning, losers make excuses because they can't accept the fact that they fail.

The best way to beat an excuse is to adapt to the situation and keep moving even if you feel so bad. 

Yes it is hard to move on especially if you are feeling so bad and you want to make an outburst or something. But you also have to remember that you are also responsible for your emotions. Dig deeper, think smarter. Think about what will happen to you if you continuously complain about the economy, recession, your boss being abusive, your neighbor being a bitch etc etc.

You have to adapt to the situation. You can make adjustments, you can change shape, you can change color, you can change everything. Once you change, everything around you will change. But change will not take place unless you learn to adapt and continuously improve everyday. Just do what you think is right for your life, when I say right... it should be positive and can give you benefits.

To beat an excuse you should stop being a subject of abuse. No one owes you shit, you are not a victim so stop playing the pity game. If someone mistreated you, if someone is not being nice to you... just move one. Let go of something that is not serving you.

This world is so dynamic, it is very fast. Excuses will give you less, it will stop you from receiving, it will stop you from progressing.

If you really can't stop your mouth from whining then just tell it to the closest person in your life and then move on, stop talking about it anymore. Anyone of us needs an outlet, we need to tell how bad we feel so we can feel good. Just make sure the person you are sharing with your problems is trustworthy and is really helping you.

And once you tell your drama, once he or she sympathizes you... move on!!

July 28, 2016


It is good to expect big but the expectation should always favor your side. Sometimes your expectations were done in a wrong way that is why you can't win, in other words you expect to beat yourself. 

Expecting that your competitors are strong. Once you expect that your competitors were stronger than you then you already lost. You should expect more from yourself and not from others. You are giving them strength that they don't have if you were afraid of them. Your competitors were only human so you should not expect that they were better than you. And besides if you know that you prepare so hard then you don't have to worry about them anymore. They should be the one who must worry about you. Your expectation from your competitors were too high that is why you are going low. Forget about them and expect more from yourself. You are stronger than them, expect to beat them.

Expecting that the task is hard.  You haven't seen it yet nor experience it but you already judged that the task is hard. You are just a new comer in the company and you are so afraid of the task that is ahead of you, then why did you apply for that job in the first place? You are worrying about what is not happening. Your expectation is weak. Are you really afraid of the task or you really don't want to do the job? Of course there will be difficulty along the way, there is a challenge that is waiting for you but expecting that your job is hard will make the job even harder. Your mind is worrying like a mentally retarded who hasn't drink his medicine for weeks. You need to expect that the task is easy so you will be able to do it and accept it without any form of hesitation. 

Your expectations were too high but those expectations were viewed the wrong way. Your expectations should be more from yourself and not from others. You thought that everything is hard, you thought that everyone is stronger than you. The reality is nobody is better than you except yourself. It is time to lower your expectations from everything, always focus on your strength. Forget about the difficulty, forget about who is better... nurture only the thoughts that will help you. 

July 28, 2016


I am not a big fan of rest but I found out that in order for you to find out what is missing, you also need to rest. Because the more you force it and make it happen, the more it won't happen. Had this happen to you where you are working so hard, you are doing all the steps required to become successful but still you can't see any progress? It is simply because you are not excited, you are not motivated, yes you are working but you are already angry. You want the results right away that is why you just repeat what you are doing and you keep on getting the same results.

Resting will give you a clear mind, it will give you more energy and more strength to accomplish what you are ought to accomplish. It will give you time to think and gather positive energies to come back stronger and more hopeful.

If you are this type of person who constantly push and push because you are sick and tired of living less but you can't figure out what is the right thing to do... just rest a little bit. Take time to really rest, don't think, don't plan, just quiet your mind. Enjoy the moment that you are not working, for sure it will help.

Did it ever happen to you where your cellphone is not working for unknown reason? No matter how you fix it, it is still not working. You restart it, you delete the apps, you charge the battery, you pray for it but it still didn't work. Then you rest it for some weeks and turn it on again, then suddenly it works. See, even gadgets need some break, it also need some rest so it can work again.

Rest is a must for everyone especially if you are so drained in working. You need it to remove all the toxic in your body from stressful environment of work. You can't be working 365 days a year pursuing your goal, you might get crazy doing that. But don't rest for so long to the point where you are already doing a vacation. Your body and mind knows how much rest you needed, when you feel like you've been already freshened up... stand up and grind again. You will see that you have fresh ideas, your body and mind will operate at its best, and mostly... you will see the solution that you've been searching for a long time.

July 28, 2016


Let's face it, speed is a big ingredient to success. It is true that speed kills but timing can beat speed in different ways. You can become the fastest mover in town but if you can't act fast then your speed is nothing.

What do I mean by this? Those who can act fast will become more successful than who can do it fast. If you need to do your assignment, are you going to turn off your cellphone and start acting right away? or are you going to rely on your speed and tell yourself "I already know what to do I can do it fast later, I will just chill on my iPad and listen to my favorite music, where is my favorite song live like a bum?"

It is true that there are some people who were smart, fast and know what will they do. They have the speed but they can't act right away. They don't have good habits to start fast, they were hesitant. They feel that they were already good and can get the job done anytime they want. What happens mostly in their lives is they were always rushing in the end, they cannot think the right way because time is always running out, they cannot complete the whole task. They will rely on their speed again, they will promise themselves to finish the remaining task tomorrow, they really believe that they can do it.

But if you can act fast, even if you are not fast then you can get shits done. You will have a lot more time to think, react and make adjustments if needed. The conclusion is if you can act fast then you can finish fast, unlike someone who is really fast but is always procrastinating... they even don't want to do the job anymore because they were very much overwhelmed with the shortness of time remaining. They will make excuses and invent out of the world stories just to get away with the stupidity that they did.

And even if you are slow, if you act fast then you will look fast. People will see you as a reliable person and someone who can finish strong. You will amazed people not by your speed but by your consistency and innate to ability to just do it anyway.

This principle applies in any kind of situation you are in. For example in office, if the job is purely about typing, if you are not fast but you can act fast then you can finish more tasks than those who are fast but are not focused. You are faster than those people who are doing a lot of ceremonies before starting, things like checking their facebook first, talking to officemates, drinking a lot of coffee. They felt like they are a star and they can start whenever they want.

Sometimes fast workers are not really fast, they only look fast because they were always rushing, they were rattling in the end, the result is a garbage or unfinished work.

July 27, 2016


The reason why you can't be yourself is you wanted to take reactions and not give emotions. What do I mean by this? Instead of performing at your best, instead of being creative and being yourself... your focus is on taking reactions. You are so committed on what people say, your actions and decisions are based on what they are expecting. You are like a chained dog commanded by his master.

Give emotions. Be natural, just give your best and everything will be taken care of itself. You can give emotions by showing your best performance, you don't need to force it, you don't need to complicate it, just be your natural and 100 percent sincere you. And also, never care if you give emotions or not, whether they feel something or nothing about you... it is none of your business.

Being successful is all about giving, giving your 100 percent effort, giving everything you've got. If they get it, good but if not then it really doesn't matter. What matters is you being yourself because that is the real source of happiness. Because you can only show your skills by giving and not by taking.


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July 27, 2016


It is hard to believe especially when you see things not going on your way. It is hard to believe if you are failing over and over again. If you are pursuing goals that you don't know if you can get or not, if everyone is already counting you out, if everyone is laughing at you, criticizing you, how can you still believe yourself?

That is the art of believing, you don't know if you still believe yourself. Belief will not exist without doubts. The art of believing is not simply believing it and your beliefs will not be shattered. There will be times when you don't want to continue anymore, there will be times you will think if it is still rational to continue.  But that's just the way it is, if you can bring back your faith and push a little more then you will overcome doubts.

If you will not look for the results, instead you are sticking with the process then you will find the motivation to continue. Not seeing that you are winning will make you weak but if you will focus on movement itself and nothing else then you will find your power to keep going and going and going until you win. Believing is simply moving, you will be more doubtful if you keep on checking the results every now and then.

Believing is not about being confident or bad ass or God like mode. It has nothing to do with emotions, it is about being scared but the belief is still there and the willingness to act is still there, it is about enduring the pain and still believing that everything will be alright in the end. Your belief will always be tested especially during hard times, because that is what belief is all about, it is paired with challenges, pain and adversity. If you are not being tested then you are not really believing.

With belief, you can conquer anything. A cancer patient can survive cancer if he truly believes that he will not die because he will never let his last breath go despite of pain, despite of misery. He will find the energy from nowhere to survive for just a second and a second and a second. Then those seconds will never end, he will continue living even if everyone wants to give up. No medicine needed, no tubes or doctors needed, all he got is his belief, that last thought in his head that he will survive no matter what.

July 27, 2016


For you guys who are still wondering why are there some people who you think are very intelligent.. there is an answer for that. There is no such thing as "the chosen ones" or gifted people. So stop comparing yourself to others, stop belittling yourself and telling yourself that you are not smart and blessed. You have a hidden intelligence inside of you, just stop being a dumb and believing in those nonsense things that are not making you hopeful and competitive. You too are smart there are just some reasons why you think you are not smart, your mind is not programmed correctly.

Anyway here are some reason why there are people who were intelligent:

1. They only study what they want and do what they want. Look at Bill Gates, he dropped out from college because he is not interested with the subjects being thought. He has a vision and he truly believes that he can do something great. He didn't waste time studying things that for him is nonsense. He wanted to invent something that will make the people's lives better and he succeed. From the start, all he wanted is to invent the microsft, he is single minded, he is very sure of what he want, he never follow the norms because he values his passion. Imagine if Bill gates was forced to study music, what do you think will be the outcome? of course he didn't like it so he will look stupid doing it.

That is why there are some students in class who were labelled as stupid and slow, these students are not really stupid, they just don't want the subjects being thought, they want some other things that will ignite their passion. They were good in other things, they just need time to discover it. That is why sometimes school is not helpful, it is forcing you to study what you don't need.

2. They are not afraid to look weird. At first, the smartest people were labelled as weird and crazy human beings. It is because their ideas and looks were out of this world. People cannot understand their behavior and insights. They are not afraid to look weird that is why they were able to express their ideas regardless of the criticisms of others. At first, people look at them as dumb but in the end they were praised and idolized. Look at Albert Einstein, he looks so weird but it is because he is just being himself, he is not afraid to share his crazy ideas to people, he is widely scrutinized at first but people worship him in the end. You can expose your ideas and show your intelligence if you are not afraid to look crazy because people are so judgemental and they are very mean to things that they don't understand.

3.They have high belief in themselves. Have you ever met someone who talks so smart, moves so smart and act intelligently only to find out that this person is undergraduate or didn't have a high achievement is school? Intelligent people have high belief in themselves, they were very confident on what they know because just like I said, they are only interested in what they know that is why they were very good at it. They are the kings of their own domain because they love their knowledge so much. They knew they are the best in what they know, that is why they look so smart. They believe that they were always right but they are also open to other information that will help them. Their confidence comes from studying what they love so hard to the point where they became experts and geniuses.

So if you want to look intelligent, I mean really intelligent then study what you really love. Do what you really wanted to do so you will be able to endure the tough times studying it. If you don't love what you are studying or at least learn how to love it then you will quit early and find something else that you think will make you happy.

You will become really intelligent if the information that is embedded in your system really connects with the real you.

July 26, 2016


So you want to stand out huh? you want to succeed and make it big in life huh?

So then, if you are sick and tired of trying a lot of things and yet no result is showing, if you are sick and tired of wondering what you can do in order to become successful... my answer is this: PUT YOURSELF IN A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN'T GO.

And what do I mean by this? Go to a place where everyone is afraid to go, go there and for sure there will be a change in your life.

Go to a training session where everyone else is afraid to go because the training is so hard. Go there courageously, die there and you will see that you will become a different person, you will reach a level that nobody can reach. Your confidence will go high because not everyone can do what you do. Your  body will become stronger, you will learn a lot, your chances of becoming successful will be very high.

Go to a school where everyone is afraid to go because the teaching is so hard and the standards are so high, you will get a very good credential after you graduated. People will see you as a very intelligent human being and they will give you a lot of opportunities. Jobs will go after you, you can get a very high salary even if you are just a rookie.

Go to a company where it is very hard to get employed, a company that is respected and well known. Yes it is hard to get in but that is the challenge, if you can find a way how to get employed for that company then you are also on a different level. Working on that company is not the reward but having the courage and tenacity to get in is the real reward. You become an innovator, you learn how to find ways, you learn how to better yourself.

What are the other places that everyone is afraid to go because there is some degree of difficulty that was accustomed to it? go there, you will get tough, you will get better, you will get disciplined and in the end you will become successful, you will standout from others.

Other places where you can go that can make you better:

1. Mountains. Pick the highest mountain, climb it and you will build an endurance that is very hard to beat. You will build a willpower that you can use in any kinds of challenges like sports or pursuing an impossible goal. Every step you take is hard especially if you are looking at the top, the key here is stop aiming for the top just aim for the next step. Condition your mind to at least take the next step and the next one until you reach the final step. I am telling you, once you reach the top of the mountain you will feel proud and powerful because you beat a very tough adversity.

2. Unfamiliar territory. It can be anywhere, any place that you don't know, any place that you don't have an idea what is going to happen to you. But of course choose a place where your life is not in danger. Just go to a place where you know you don't have the right to control.

If you are in sports or you are inline with competition, go to different places. Go to where you don't know your opponents. Of course you will get nervous, you will be overwhelmed but that is the beauty of it, your courage will be tested and you will benefit from it in the end. You will learn to adapt and improvise. Your ability to overcome fear will become stronger, you are no longer afraid to face consequences that are unknown.

3. Different dimension. I am just including this metaphorically, this is not matrix or something. Putting yourself into a different dimension means you will do what others can't do. You will put yourself in a position where you want to give up because there is so much pain. Being in a different dimension means you have your own world, you move differently, you have your own set of rhythm.

You can only go there if you are willing to work extremely hard. That is why great people, moves differently. They build their actions and skills through super hardwork that is why there is something different when you look at them.

4. A place of humiliation and blame. If you really want to standout and become great then you must be willing to take a position where there is so much critics and blame. And what is that position? it is the position of leaders and stars. The star players, presidents, breadwinners, owners and any position that is widely guarded because there is so much stake going on. You must be willing to take the blame and hate because that's just the part of it. You must be willing to take the responsibilities because that is what big people does. If you don't want to be hated then all you can have is a place of safety and mediocrity, there is no risk there, there is no hardwork needed there but you will also get smaller things in life.

5. Semi six feet under. A place where you almost died because you die for your dreams. If you can almost kill yourself for working hard because you want to become successful then you will prevail. Not everyone will kill themselves because they are not willing to give everything they have. They will just exert a little effort and expect to become successful. Go to a situation where you cannot even breathe just to win... for sure you will standout.

A lot of people were scared, a lot of people were not willing to get super tired. They were afraid of pain and sacrifice, they do not know that it is the only key to greatness and standing out. Or maybe they knew it, they just don't want to go further because they are happy with their mediocre life. There is nothing wrong with mediocre life, if you are really happy with it. But if there is something in your heart that is saying "I want to become great" then you should act now and go to a place where everyone is afraid to go.

July 26, 2016


Breathe a little, relax, give yourself some time to think, give your mind a breathing room. Life is not all about attacking back or returning the damage. Sometimes you need a little timing, you need to establish your rhythm so you can execute better and produce efficient results.

If your opponent scores on you, what you have in mind is to get back on them, score on them too. And what happens? you fail right? you fail because there is a little bit rush on your side, you are thinking too much. You let your emotions rule you that is why mistakes are happening repeatedly.

You need more patience if you wanted to win. You need to relax your muscles a little bit, give your self some time, a few seconds will do then attack right away.

Being impatient is not intelligent. It will only make things worse, you are only putting yourself into a quicksand that you cannot escape. That is why a lot of gamblers lost their money as fast as a thunder. When they lose their money, they wanted to win back right away, they never let the bad energies left them, all they have in mind is to go all in and win back what they've lost and the result is... bankruptcy.

There is a timing for fighting back, there is a correct method to counter attack. Life is not all about attack and attack, you need to think smart so you won't do the same mistakes again. You need to have composure so your efforts won't be wasted. Winning is achievable even if you have the strongest opponent, you just need to be more patient and put your mind in the right place.

July 26, 2016


If you are so scared to do something at least try. Do it anyway. Decide to become courageous even if you are not. Fake bravery, nobody knows that you are scared if you act like a tough guy. Some people around you are even more scared, you are not the only one who feels it. Some people cannot even fake bravery so if you can at least fake it... you are one of a kind.

Everyone is scared, there is no such thing as a man without fear, the only difference between a successful man and not is the successful man is acting like a tough guy, he is faking his courage until he believe in himself.

Once you are in the middle of a challenge and you are so afraid to do it, just do it, just try it. There is no harm in trying but there is so much depression in stopping.

When you go home and you didn't try, you will regret the moment that you let escape. "What if I win?, what if I nailed it?" these are the words that will haunt you everyday. Even if you fail, at least you know the result and you will never wonder everyday what will happen if you just give it a try.

Time is running, decide now or quit. If you decide to become brave use all your strength, use all the energy you can use to conquer the challenge. Humiliation, mockery, critics - these are just bullshits that has nothing to do with your life. People who do these things are people who can't even try. Embrace the negative feeling now and let it go or you will embrace it for the rest of your life.

July 26, 2016


If you can't find a role model because your standards were too high and you think you are better than a lot of people. Then look for people who were not supposed to be role models. I call these people role model by accident.

You can look up to them and you will know what not to do with your life. I am talking about these lazy bum ass, addicts, trying to become cool, complainants, negative and not dreaming types of people. They were role model by accidents because they have nothing to show but they will show you what not to do.

Look at those failures if you wanted to succeed. Study their languages, habits and approach in life. Study all of it and never do anything like that, never emulate their behavior, go totally to the opposite direction. And you will see that you will get the opposite results, you will get what they don't have, you will achieve more than they can do.

You want to succeed? always look for those people who fell short in life. Know their excuses and never do anything like those. You will learn that they fail because they focus their energies on negative things that are not helping them. They simply fuck up their life and take it for granted. They do stupid things, they became lazy but they are asking for more.

Now that you see the result of behaving like a failure, what now? are you going to copy their lifestyle and mindset? You have now your role models by accidents, they show you how are you gonna live the rest of your life if you follow them. They gave you the blackprints to failure not the blueprints to success. Now it is time for you to go the opposite way, unfollow those role models and never copy their behaviors.

July 26, 2016


A lot of people were suffering from this shitty disorder. Some are even committing suicide so I take time to write an article about it and provide an immediate solution.

Obsessive compulsive is repeating things or actions for numerous times even though you know that you already did it. Doing things like checking keys every minute even if you knew that you have it in your pocket, washing your hands every 5 seconds, memorizing scripts over and over again even though you knew it already and any other repetitions that makes you look like a damaged cassette tape repeating without stopping.

1. Be in the moment. You want to repeat because you want to make sure if you did it already, if you are in the moment then you don't need to repeat things or check things if you have it. If you are aware of what is going on then you will become more confident in yourself and you don't need to double check the things that you already did. Be yourself, always be aware of what you are doing, be mindful of what you are saying, thinking and moving. Never take things for granted, always appreciate what you are doing so it will be very memorable to you and you don't need to repeat things that you already did.

2. Trust yourself. It is ok to repeat things over and over again if its purpose is to gain some strength or improve a little bit. Activities like running everyday, lifting weights everyday, studying everyday, practicing everyday. It is all good even though you are doing it in extreme, it is good because your purpose is to become stronger. But if you think that you need to do it because you are still weak and you need to repeat it to the point where you cannot move anymore... then you are having mental problems. You don't need to repeat something because you are weak, you need to repeat it because you wanted to become stronger. There is a big difference there, repeating something because you think you are weak will make you even weaker. You will repeat the process over and over again but you still think you are weak, you will arrive to a point where you don't want to do it anymore because you are not achieving results and you are very tired but your mind will say repeat again because you are still weak. You will become very stressed and depressed.

But if you are repeating something because you think it is making you stronger is healthy. You don't need to doubt if you are strong or not, all you think is you need to do it because you want to become better. You will become more motivated and you know when to rest, you know when to stop, you will not over fatigue yourself unlike someone who is so worried about not getting strong so he has to do it again and again.

3. Live with the results. Ok so once you live with the moment and you become mindful of what is going around then live with the results.

Once you live your house and you know that you put the keys inside your bag, stop checking it every second, live with the result. Your mind is tricking you, it is saying that you don't have it even though you know that you have it. Live with the result, stop checking it and if you really don't have it so be it. If you really forgot it so be it.

If you already memorized the words for your exam tomorrow and you know you give your best, then stop studying over and over again, be confident, if you fail so be it. If you forgot what you study so be it. Just stop acting like crazy and wanting to control everything, you cannot control everything if you are a control freak.

4. Accept that life is not perfect. People with obsessive compulsive disorder wants to become perfect, they always wanted to become clean, smooth and unscrutinized. The moment you wanted to become perfect is the moment you will attract a lot of mistakes and flaws. Accept that sometimes your hands are dirty, accept that sometimes you tend to forget things. Never aim for a perfect life because that will never come.

Just let everything flow, that is the key to treat obsessive compulsive disorder. Always be aware if you are repeating something like a maniac who can't find himself. Live your life without so much control, that is the key of having a peace of mind.

July 25, 2016


If you can't be what you want then at least be closer to what you want because being closer to what you want will give you what you want. You will be closer to opportunities, you will see openings, you will find a way. It is easy to find a way if you are closer and not far.

Sometimes for whatever unknown reason, no matter how hard you try and how hard you work... you still can't be what you wanted to be. I guess the life itself is the only thing that knows the reason.

If you wanted to become a professional athlete, what will you do to become one? of course you need to be one step away from where the training is going on. You need to be closer to professional athletes, coaches. You need to know what they are doing and emulate some of it.

If you wanted to become a professional basketball but there is no vacant slot for you. Why not try being a practice player first or a reserve or maybe even a ball boy? Develop your skills everyday, make yourself ready and when the universe sees that you really paid your dues then it will make an opening for you. You will be given an opportunity and you must embrace it. Devour the chance, treat it like it's your only chance, make sure you've given everything you've got.

If you are an aspiring businessman and you want to become a business tycoon or something. All you have to do is try one business at a time, attend seminars about business. Have as many experience as you can. You don't need a business degree in business, all you need is hardwork and focus, be very close to any kind of business you want. Learn something about it, try something about it. That is all you need to do, the rest will take care of itself.

If you have a crush in your class, what do you think you need to do? of course be closer to her. Find a way how to make your seats very close to each other, exchange seats with your classmate if needed. Talk to her, be nice to her, treat her like a garden and you are the gardener. Do something to connect with her emotionally and spiritually, find things that will make her feel some emotions that she hasn't feel yet. Stop being a pussy who is so afraid to get rejected. Remember "What could have been" is the language of losers. Are you a loser or not?

Being close to what you want is the only way to get it. You can't be getting what you want if you are very far from it. You can't be a writer if you are reading books everyday. Go ahead and do it, time is running out. Be close to what you want or it will close its door to you.

July 25, 2016


Build your own, your truly own empire. Your rules, your ideas, your pacing and your decision. Nobody has the right to disagree with it, nobody can destroy it. Build it up, brick by brick, stone by stone, build it everyday. I don't know how will you build it, you are the only one who knows the ingredients in building it. You know the elements, you know what will make it right. You know what are the things needed to make it operate at its best.

Build your own empire in making money. Find what is it that you truly love and make some money from it. You are the boss, you are the employee and the employer. If it is about selling fishballs on street, why not? If it is the only way you know then do it. If it is about recycling garbage so be it. Do it with joy, do it with ambition. Fall in love with your own way of making money and soon it will grow, more money will come. Take care of your business and your business will take care of you.

Finding ways how to make money on your own is one of the best things in life. You hold your time, your earnings depends on how hard you work. There is no one who will command you, you are the boss, you are the ruler. Just be ok in starting small because no one starts as big.

There are millions of ways how to earn money on your own. You can't make excuses that you can't find one. Look for it and start right away, no more tomorrows. Start building your empire now.

Build your empire of friends. You are free to choose your friends, keep the ones that will inspire you, make you happy and accept you for what you are. Keep the friends whom you can trust and the ones that will not stab you at your back. Feel free to leave your harmful friends and not helpful ones. Life is very good to live if you have friends that will care for you sincerely, you share you dreams with them, you help them and they also help you. Life is easier with true friends around.

Build your empire of hobbies. What are the extracurricular activities that you are interested with? It can be about sports, music, weight lifting, dancing etc. Build it up everyday, become good at it. Master it, become a bad ass. Don't be overwhelmed if you see someone who is better than you, it doesn't mean they are really better than you. They only start earlier and they spend more time developing their skills than you. If you can equal their time spent on their hobbies then you can also reach their level.

Building your own empire is much better than an empire using you to build their own. You have the tools to build your own, it is all in the mind. Be ok if you are having difficulties in the beginning because everything is hard when starting. Watch your empire grow as you work hard, watch yourself succeeding using your own strength and critical judgement.

July 25, 2016


Losers always use the word luck everytime they lose. It seems like the word luck is their twins.

If an unemployed person cannot find a job what will he say? he is not lucky, his luck is not coming yet. He has no luck in finding a job. Those losers really believe that luck has something to do with their situation.

Where will an unprepared person that will compete tomorrow get his strength? ON LUCK, he will just hope that he becomes lucky, he will hope that his opponent gets injured. He will hope for lucky punch, lucky shot and lucky breaks. He knew that he can never win with his effort alone because he didn't even practice. That is what losers does, they will just pray for luck, they will never try to give their 100 percent effort, they are ready to lose.

The question is... did luck arrived? of course not. Luck will only show itself to people who works hard, as the saying goes "the more you work hard, the luckier you get." For the record, there is no lazy person that gets lucky.

Another scenario is a guy already lost, he was dominated by his opponent, he was outclassed. Now he is talking to his friends that his opponent just got lucky. He is making everyone believe that his lost was just a fluke and he can really win it, he makes a lot of excuses, he keeps on insisting that his lost happened because of accident.

The word luck is the favorite word of losers. They use it to blame the situation and they also rely on it to win. They cannot live without luck because it is their bread and butter. Luck is their security, it is their only hope.

Now, if you really want to make it in life... forget the word luck, forget about wanting to become lucky because there is no really such thing as luck. People who made it in life never got lucky, they put in the hard work and an unstoppable effort to win.

How to win without relying on luck:

1. Outwork everyone. This is very simple but hard but anyone can do this. All you need to do is make sure that nobody work as hard as you. This is the best way to become successful, by working really really hard, you will produce an output that no one has seen yet. You can do things that not a normal person can do, you will create magnificent outputs that will attract a lot of attention. Always push your self to the limits and you will discover that there are no limits. Your mindset is what limits you, if you can work super hard then your belief will increase and opportunities will come to you naturally.

2. Disbelief luck. Forget luck completely, you are alone in this world. You are the one who can make things happen. If there is still a little shadow of luck in your mind then you will not give your 100 percent, you will still put your success in the hands of luck, you will never trust yourself completely. If you can get rid of the idea of being lucky then it is a win-win situation for you. You will go all out and you will do whatever it takes to win.


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July 24, 2016


To all those bums who were standing on a long line just to enter a game show, this one is for you. You've been waiting for a long time to enter that game show, how does it help your life?

The time you've wasted just to enter that game show can be used on more productive activities. You are just supporting a bum game show that is just using you to gather some ratings. You think they are helping you? definitely not. Someone or something that is taking your time is making you poor, it is not helping you at all.

Yes you can win some money, the host may give you a television, jacket or something. But... here comes the big but, those things are just temporary pleasures. It will not give you a long lasting happiness. The money that you won will be gone in a while and what will you do next? you will fall in line again for that bum game show.

Those game shows are just fooling you, you need to wake up and do the right thing. If you want some money then you should go hunt for a job and not take you chances on game shows. Game shows can't change your life, even if you win a small house or some pretty decent cash... your life hasn't change still. It is simply because you don't know how to make money on your own.

If you want to change your life then you should learn how to become dependent. You should never look for the easy road because it will lead you to easy failures.

Changing your life is hard but it is possible and the only one who can change your life is no other than you. It is you who has the power, it is you who can make decisions.

Never trust on game shows because it is just making you lazy. They are the one who is getting more, you just think that they are kind because they give prizes but the reality is they are just using you.

So fall in line in the right line, fall in line in an interview for a job not on a game show.

July 24, 2016


You can become finesse anytime. But it's hard to force because too much effort will be needed.

Force is more effective than finesse,  I will tell you why. In life if you will not force something the result will be nothing. If you can force yourself to move and do all the steps to become successful or at least build a habit that will bring you success then you are there. You just need some time and you will get there. 

How about being finesse? are you just going to relax and take calculated and planned actions if things aren't going on your way? are you just going to chill, pretend that everything is alright and hope that one day the opportunity will come to you?

Sometimes you need to act rough, you need to use strength or else you will eat dust. 

During rush hour and you needed to ride on an train or something, let's say there are lot of people waiting... when the ride is there and people swarm it to have a seat... what will you do? Are you going to act smooth and let other people have their seats first before you take yours? Well, goodluck to you, you might arrived at your destination tomorrow or next year. Or are you going rumble with other people and take what is rightfully yours? the choice is yours, you can act like a man who is working on a corporate world or you can transform into a wrestler that is willing to sacrifice his body in order to win. 

There are situations where you need to use brute force in order to produce results. You can't be acting like a diva that is just waiting for things to be handed to her.

Our world is getting faster, meaner and smaller. The competition is getting tighter, jobs are getting harder. If you will use finesse then you will get less, if you will use force then you can be the number one horse. 

July 24, 2016


It is true that not being able to travel around the world will make you unhappy, unfulfilled and incomplete. It is true to those who believe it. But if you are very happy pursuing your goal and dying everyday to get it, then travelling is just a waste of time to you. You don't care if you never experience going to different places because you really don't want it. For you, the time spend on travelling can be used in taking steps for the attainment of your goal, travelling for you is just making your progress slow.

It is true that as you age you will become weak, it is true to those who believe it. There are 50 or 60 year old guys that are still competitive and can do great things. Let's say you really feel that your body is getting weak, are you just going to accept it? are you not going to try some other things that will bring back your strength like exercise and dieting? If you believe that age is the barometer of strength then my advise is forget your age, don't celebrate your birthday. Burn your birth certificate, I think that might help.

It is true that only with good educational background will become successful in life. Again, it is true if you believe that. There are lot of people who succeeded in life but didn't even finish studies. I am not saying that you shouldn't go to school. My point here is are you just going to let the lack of diploma make you stuck in a mud? aren't you going to fight? What if you try some business and totally dedicate your life to it? what do you think will happen?

A lot of information and ideas were floating around that are making you hopeless. They make you unhappy, unmotivated and dismay. Are you going to believe those and make yourself limited? Are you going to allow them to take control of your mind and dictate what will make you happy?

It is time to believe what will empower you and make you stronger. It is time to set your own standards of happiness. You are free to believe what you wanted to, are you going to believe the things that will make you feel weak?

July 24, 2016


Crab mentality is very chronic nowadays. A lot of people were doing this trick just to look good and feel safe. They will pull their friends that are succeeding because they don't want to  be left behind, they will invent false stories to make their friends look bad so that they cannot leave them.

If you think that pulling somebody down will not make him go up then you are wrong. The one being pulled will leave you, he will rise higher because he will get angry at you, he will become more motivated to go up so you will shut up. If you are one of these type of people who can't be happy with the success of others then you can't be successful. Your mind is focused on jealousy and envy, you have an attitude that is not qualified for success. You are so focus on the negative and you can't find ways how to make your self successful. You keep on finding faults from others, all you want is make people look bad and expose their flaws.

The more you pull somebody down, the more you will go down. It is a very simple logic. You are pulling someone down because he is above you. And even if you succeed in pulling someone down, you will still not become successful. You will find another one to victimized, your cycle never ends, you are like a sick person who is infested with hatred and jealousy. And the big question is did you really become happy after putting somebody down? did you become successful by doing that?

Instead of pulling somebody down, why don't you raise yourself? climb your way up and become big as you can. You can dot it, just work hard. What anyone achieved, you can do it too. Just take it one step at a time, it is better to push your way to the top than to pull somebody down. In this way, you will no longer have to become envy or jealous with anyone. You will find your purpose, you will become happier and you can inspire others.

The key here is don't get jealous with the success of others, if you don't like the person that is succeeding, just ignore him and don't say anything about him. It is obvious that you are just insecure if you are trying to pull somebody down. Focus on your own goal, make a little progress everyday. It is not necessarily needed that you have to become successful right away, it is ok if you are slow, take your time and enjoy your journey.

If you are so positive and happy with the success of others then you will become successful too. Instead of being jealous with them, try to copy their success, never compete because that will make you fall down, your pride and ego will control you.

Always remember that everyone can become successful, you too can become successful. You don't need to compare your success to others. It doesn't matter if your success is big or not, what matters is you really consider it as a success and you are very happy with your life.

July 23, 2016


It sucks missing and failing over and over again. But why do you fail again? why do you miss it again? It is because your mind is conditioned to fail again.

What the mind sees over and over again will make it believe it and make it expect that it will happen again. That is why you are failing, that is why you are missing. You already think that it will happen before it happens.

So what you need to do is think that the next one will work, think that the next try will go in. And even if you miss, even if you fail again... just think that next time you will succeed. That mindset will keep you going, it will make you excited, it will give you motivation because you know you will succeed next time.

If you are applying for a job and you are on a streak of not getting hired...just keep on trying, always have an expectation that your next try will be successful. Think that next time you apply, the contract will be given to you on the same day. It will become real if you think that it's real. Your mind is like a magnet, it will magnetized situations that you are thinking and make it real.

So if you are continuously failing and you feel like the world is cursing you, be aware of what is going inside of your head. Maybe you are thinking a lot of negative things. Maybe your mind is already programmed for failing, you should replace the software of your brain, rewire it so success.

Visualize the win. This shit is effective, visualization has been thought a thousand times yet people are not doing it. It will not work if you don't believe in it. Remember, your purpose is to change the thoughts in your head so visualization is a good process to do it. And even if you don't believe that it will not work, remember that your purpose is to simply change the negative thoughts to positive ones, just try it, see yourself winning, see yourself succeeding and you will see that it will happen. This is not some kind of a magic or something, voodoo has nothing to do with it. It is simply unlearning the bad experiences and putting some good shits inside of your head.

Self talk inside of your head. If visualization is hard for you to do, then self talk inside of your head is a good one. Just simply say "I am successful, I am successful". Repeat this inside of your head as many as you can everyday. You can use any words that you want, it is up to you. Make sure the words that you will use are positive and will give you hope. Repeat the words until you believe it. There is no harm in trying, there is a big in experimenting.

July 23, 2016


Yes, it is sweeter to celebrate a victory if you have something to see. If you have a trophy, a reward, a cash prize or something. For others, that is what victory is all about.. getting a reward or recognition. And there is nothing wrong with that, if they see victory that way then it is fine.

But the real victory is just a simple win. A simple win that makes your heart very happy.

Why does people wanted to have something to get if they win? It is because the reward or prize makes them feel good. It makes the moment special, it makes the win look like a real win. It gives them thrill and excitement, it produces joy and ecstasy. Imagine a championship game without a trophy, it looks very boring right? Imagine a boxing fight without a cash prize, will the boxers fight to death if there is no money involved? If you get something it feels like you achieved something.

But if you are really passionate in what you are doing, if you just play the game because you love it.. you don't need a prize. You play with your heart, you give everything you can. Same in any other field like dancing, singing, writing etc. They don't act for the money alone, they do what they are doing because they love it and they don't care if they win or not. And even if they win... it still doesn't matter if there is a price or none. They are just happy performing or competing. Their passion gives them a feeling that is hard to explain.

Even if you lose, even if you don't get anything...  you are still happy with the experience that you get. Doing what you love is already a victory, there is no other greater feeling than that. The prizes and trophies are just bonuses, it means nothing, those are just things. It doesn't define your greatness. Your happiness is the measure of your success.

July 23, 2016


Just keep on repeating and never count your effort. That is the key to become successful, that is the key to enjoy your journey. Most of you are so impatient, you keep on looking for results from the effort that you exerted. Even if your effort is mediocre, you still keep on looking for results. You don't have the right to look for rewards if your effort is just 75% percent. You can't succeed with that percentage, not a chance. That's a poor number.

If you just finished working for 8 hours today for your goal then repeat it again tomorrow and the next day and so on. Keep on repeating, keep on working, don't stop until you succeed.

Again, don't look for results, don't look for progress. By doing that... you are killing the process. What if you didn't like the progress that you see? you will only feel tired if you see that your efforts hasn't been rewarded yet.

Counting your effort is a big sin, it only means you don't love what you are doing, you are not willing to take the distance. I've been in that situation before. I commit my self to at least run on a thread mill everyday for at least one hour or more. I did it for at least ten months then I expect to dominate the league... I am so disappointed because it didn't happened. So I decided to stop the process, I didn't know before that I shouldn't count the effort that I put in. I stop for at least a few months then I come back making a streak again. If only I didn't stop before, if only I didn't count my efforts then maybe I am a stronger person now. But it is what it is, we learn from our mistakes. Well at least I know what to do now. Don't expect that you will get immediate results after sacrificing for a few months. It may happen but sometimes you have to wait a little longer.

Success will come, you have to trust the process and keep doing it. Never mind if you are progressing or not. All you have to do is keep going.

Just keep adding something to your system. Do something that will bring you further to your goal. Forget about the steps, just do something.

Never count your effort because all of your efforts were not wasted. It brings you to another level, you become a better person than yesterday. Whether you believe it or not, all of your efforts has a big participation to your success, you will see it in the end.

July 22, 2016


Your fire is so hot, are you're real or not?
you never get tired, your fear already died
any mediocre person can't understand your reason
it's so unreal, you're the real deal

You're disgusted by mediocrity, you can beat any adversity
you quiet those haters, you humiliate non believers
you fly so high they can't even see you in the sky
your belief is unlimited, any doubter will be disrupted

You laugh at your own mistake, for you failure is a fake
you make pain rain, you make weak sick
you're a rebel and a genius, your will is tremendous
you don't know what is giving up, you don't fall into that trap

You're better than a president in making judgement
you're better than a senator, you're a survivor
No one can compete against you, you dance like a tornado
your move is always on the groove, your technique is fantastic

You're not in the zone, you're a zonebuster, you're a monster, you're a teacher
you don't teach them how to dougie, you show them how to become mighty
passion is begging for you to make him your passion
your ideas are timeless, your greater than greatness.

You are not talented, you are self invested
in your determination you trust, action is a must
you shine like a diamond, you're yummy as an almond
failing is not an option, domination is your obsession

How can you fail if you're tough as nail?
your skill is your will, your weapon is your motivation
they say bad things about you coz you can conquer an archipelago
you have what it takes, you can burn the lakes.

July 22, 2016


If you are competing with someone and your strength, skills and confidence is the same as your his... the one who has the stronger focus will win. Because at one point during the competition, someone will break mentally, someone will experience fatigue. Someone will gas out, not because he is not strong but because his focus shifts from competing to wanting to rest.

Someone will give up and you have to make sure that it is not you if you really wanted to win. You must be super focus on taking the prize and you must be willing to pay the price. It is like feeling the pain but still pushing forward.

A lot of people were very strong, a lot of people were very skilled but they can't win because their focus changes on the middle of a challenge. They freak out when adversity strikes in. They become weak when high amount of pressure is felt.

If you are so focus in winning, you cannot feel the pain, you will forget what is going on inside of your body. You will just live the moment and move as long as you can. You mindset will never change, your motivation becomes stronger as the challenge goes on.

The key here is forget about your emotions, never mind of you are feeling pain, exhaustion or running out of gas. A person will never stop if his willpower is unparalleled. Always think about winning and never entertain an idea of losing. You need to complete like a real competitor, you need to fight like a real warrior. Forget about resting because you can always rest after the challenge. Focus on now, focus on execution. Yes, it is easier said than done but it can be done.

July 22, 2016


To all leaders, never give instructions that you cannot do because you will bite your own ass in the end if everyone knows that you cannot do it.

A strong leader is a also a good follower. A strong leader will never give commands that he will not do himself.

Most leaders now are just making commands, not because it is needed in the operation but to just satisfy their needs. They were too lazy, they cannot even prepare a coffee for themselves. They command and command and command, they feel like they were the kings, they never give consideration to the followers.

Now, let's forget about the laziness of some leaders, let's talk about the ability to do your own order. If you are a leader and you ask someone to work for 20 hours straight because there is a tight deadline, are you also going to do it if needed? if you ask someone to work in a special holiday, will you be able to do a sacrifice like that too? Are you willing to disappoint your family because you can't join them in Christmas or New Year? you are doing that your people so you must do it too.

If you are the leader in your team and you are instructing someone to play hard defense then you must play hard defense too. You must play the hardest because if not, your teammates will notice it and they will lost respect to you. You are shouting at your teammates, you are blaming them but are you willing to take the blame too if you are the one who commits mistakes?

If you want your followers to follow you, you must set a good example. You must be willing to work the hardest, you must release a contagious energy that will inspire everyone to work harder and follow your orders. You must be willing to take harder sacrifices than them. You must take full responsibility. And everything falls apart, you must be willing to take the consequences and be the first one to take the blame.

A lot of leaders now were too lazy. They work very hard when they were just starting but when they reached the top... they act like a gang leader that has a cigarette on his mouth and a shotgun on his table while reading some newspaper. They never set a good example, they never inspire their team. All they do is scare people so they will be followed and respected.

You must have the ability to do your own orders because if the person who is designated to that order is not present... you're dead. A good leader must know what is going around, a good leader must possess more skills than his followers. He must be willing to substitute someone who is absent, do the work so the operation will continue to operate at its best.

July 22, 2016


That is why you are failing, that is why you have no direction, that is why you keep on changing and refuse to take the path that was set from the very beginning. Your belief changes on the middle of your journey, but why?

Just a little bump on the road and your belief decreases? just a little adversity and you change your mind completely. Listen to me, if you will always change your belief or somehow lessen it along the way... you will never become successful. You will achieved mediocre results that was not really what you want from the very beginning.

If you set a goal and you don't want lesser than that, your belief in the end should be the same from the very beginning. In the beginning you were very brave, you were so confident, you want to conquer all the challenges but after learning that it is hard... your belief suddenly changes, you begin to doubt yourself, you are always hesitant to move, you wanted to go back and start a new journey. If the situation gets tougher your belief should become stronger.

Your body may change, your speed can change, your strength can decrease but your belief... It should remain the same, it is much better if you can make it stronger. The stronger your belief, the bigger is your chance of winning.

How can you make your belief stay the same or even stronger?

1. Never take your eyes off the goal. You should think about winning everyday, you should do something to make you closer to your goal, even if the action is very small, do it. Let the thought of winning dominate the thought of losing. Feel like you've already won, dream about it, talk about it to the people that you trust. Your goal should be in your mind 24 hours a day.

2. Never entertain non-believers. This is a big test to your belief, if you listen to people who were discriminating your beliefs then you will become weak, your belief will be destroyed. You will have self doubt and you will think if you will still continue. You should be like a rhino that keeps on destroying whatever is infront of him. You should keep on moving forward even if there are some people who were stopping you and pulling you down. Critics are normal, just laugh at it and don't get serious about it.

3. Find the best reason why you should continue. Find an inspiration to win, it can be your mother, father, wife or anything that will inspire you. Your belief will be fueled by your inspiration. Once you are suffering, think about what inspires you and your belief will come back again. You will to win will become stronger again.

July 22, 2016


There are no special qualities about winners, there is no secret behind their victories. They are just good choosers. They know what to choose, when to choose and how to choose. They choose wisely and they never choose options that are sure to fail.

They choose action over procrastination. Even if they don't know what to do they still move, even if they don't feel like doing it they still do it. They always made the right choice, what the heck on earth will you get by procrastinating? Winners will always choose movement over stopping. They never stop, all they do is keep moving so they can avoid overthinking that leads to zero results. For them, action is already winning, there is no wrong action for as long as the action is positive and is related to their goals and ambitions.

They choose believing over fearing. Even on the hardest situation, winners will still choose to believe. They never let the idea if defeat enter their minds. Even if it is really hard to believe because miracle is needed to win, they will still believe. They never let anything discourage them, they have a bulletproof mindset and their beliefs never change. They cannot see themselves losing, all they see is their hands raising. Their beliefs put them on top. They made the right choice, they choose keeping their fate so they were able to command their fate.

The choose hope over despair. Even if they have the strongest opponent, even if the challenge is so big and overwhelming, they still hope to win. They never think negative. They knew that the right mindset can give them the results that they want. They never let despair dominate their thoughts. They always find hope in adversity, even if it seems that they were already defeated... they never lose hope just for a second, they keep on hoping until good things happen to them.

They choose fighting over running. Winners will stay in war no matter what. In the hardest battles they will thrive, in the deepest waters they will survive. They take risks, they never run away from danger. They fight with their last breath, they will never stop until strength cannot be found in their bodies anymore. They will fight even if their swords were broken, they will fight even if their guns were bullet emptied. Winners will fight and die in the battle arena, they will give everything they've got.

They choose delayed gratification over instant celebration. Winners can take cruel sacrifices in order to become victorious, they cannot be tempted to stupid activities that gives temporary fun. They were disciplined, they were always looking at the big picture. They never let a small candy replace the big chocolate. They knew that if they sacrifice now, in the end they will get the biggest prize.

So you don't need a lot of skills or talents or intelligence or whatever. All you need to be is become a good chooser so you can become a winner. Choose the options that will put you in a better position to win. Never guess, never choose one thing and think about the other thing. Choose what is right, choose the things that will give you the right direction.