June 16, 2016


No matter how long you postponed the tasks that you are supposed to do, you will still do it, you still need to do it. Even if you prioritized watching TV first or check your likes in social media, you still need to do the important tasks in your bucket list. You can't escape the reality, you can't escape your responsibilities. You still need to do what you have to do because if not... your life will completely suck, you're gonna it shit in the end.

What is the difference between doing it now and doing it later? The tasks never get tinier. The responsibilities never get easier. It is all the same so why not do it now? if you keep on postponing it, you will experience more stress, you will be tense and you will rush in the end because your time is running out.

People are easily fooled by things that are enjoyable and fun. They thought that it will erased their problems and responsibilities, they prioritized having fun first, what they do not know is their responsibilities might get bigger because there are unknown things that might come. There will be more tasks that will be added on their bucket list and this will make them more overwhelmed.

Tasks keep on piling up everyday so if you are not willing to engage in doing it... you will feel like you've been drowning in a quick sand, you feel like some kind of a monster is swallowing you, you feel so lazy, you feel like your head is going to explode. Sometimes you even wanted to die because you don't want to face reality anymore. And it is true, that is why there are some people who commit suicides, their tasks were so many and they don't know what to do anymore. The reality is they made those tasks multiply by not doing it immediately.

Do it anyway. Regardless of how you feel, regardless of how overwhelmed you are, just do it. The right time is now, the right time is when you don't feel it is the right time. You will only force yourself to take the first step and the rest will be taken care of itself. You don't need to start perfect, you only need to start.

That feeling of heaviness, that feeling of laziness will soon leave your life if you force yourself to start right away. Just do what you can do, even if what your are doing seems not an impact to finish the task just do it.

Once you started and made a little momentum you will enjoy working and you will see that your tasks is not that hard as it seems and you are almost done with it.