June 10, 2016



The word "professional" doesn't only apply to those people who finished a degree. In our society the term "professional" was always referred to someone who finishes college, someone who studied engineering, medicine, math, law and any other subjects that was thought in school that will give you a diploma.

The real meaning of a professional is not about how popular your degree is or how high is your educational attainment. Being a professional means you are very good at something and you have a specialization. It means you really know your craft and there is no way you can't make any mistake. You are very confident in your abilities because you've spend years and years perfecting your craft, you have a very strong pride in what you are doing.

You can become a professional even if you didn't finish your studies. Just be very good at something, be great and take your skill to another level. Whatever it is that you want, you can become a professional. That is why there are professional players, skaters, writers, swimmers, sculptors, musicians, artists etc. who didn't even go to school but were labelled as professionals. They do their work everyday even if money isn't coming yet, they work hard and they sacrifice a lot to become the best.

A professional is someone who can carry himself, he does what she says and he never make false promises. A professional is always on time, he acts even if he is not feeling well, he make sure he can get the job done on time. He has a very strong work ethic and he never let his clients down. He is strict with deadlines, he is always focused and determined to finish the job and provide good service.

Some professionals don't act like real professionals. Even though some professionals have a degree in College and has a nice educational background, they still don't act like real professionals. They do the work just for the money, the were always late, they never take their works seriously and they don't care if their clients get mad at them. They simply just exert a little effort, take the money and they were never been happy in what they've been doing.

Anyone can become a professional. Whatever it is that you are doing, you too can become a professional. Just imagine what a professional does, study their work ethic and behavior, study how they think and copy all of them. You can become a professional in your chosen field, in any kind of field. There was even a professional street drummer, there were lot of professional freelancers. Just strive to become great everyday, always be on time, be disciplined and always take your work seriously.  Never miss a single day doing your work, that is how a professional live his life.

Blue collared jobs are also professional. If you are a carpenter, a construction worker, a janitor, a dishwasher or any kind of job that is inline with blue collar, you should still act like a professional. You should do your work seriously and provide a very good service. There is a big difference between a serious cleaner and a lazy cleaner. There is nothing wrong in working a blue collar job, what makes it wrong is you are not proud of it and you take your work for granted. Act like a real professional in anything that you do and you will see you will be promoted in the future.

Why are professional killers called professional? it is simply because the people who hired them trusted them. They were trusted to do the work no matter how hard it is. They take their work seriously and they never attached emotion to it. Professionals are not emotional, they do not let emotions stop them from doing their work. They simply just do it because they knew they need to do it and provide service. A professional is cold blooded, relax and have a very strong confident in his abilities, he always knew that no matter what he can get the job done and he will always do it on time.

Being professional is very easy.

You just need to show on time, do your best, strive to become better everyday and never give false promises. You should do what you say and exceed other people's expectations. You should have a very strong discipline and you should prioritize your work first. You can call yourself a professional regardless of what you are doing, only if you are behaving like a professional.