June 07, 2016


There will be times in your life where you really wanted to quit. You can't wait anymore, you felt that the world already owes you a lot and yet you are not getting paid. You felt that you deserve more but you are getting less. It is normal for every person to think about quitting, humans get tired and when you're tired all you want is to rest. But that won't get the job done, all of the quitting does is make you go back to being broke again, back to zero again and living a life that has no direction again.

There are reasons why you should keep on pursuing that goal even if it seems like victory is very impossible to grab.

1. Too much pain has been felt. You are already in pain so keep going. You already felt what you don't wanna feel by pursuing your goal. Of course everyone doesn't want to feel pain but that just not going to happen. For every big dream comes pain. If you will quit now, those pain that you felt from the past will be worthless. All the sacrifices that you made will be meaningless, are you going to allow that? There is no reason to change your mind and find something else, never let those pain that you felt unrewarded. You only need an extra push and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Too much time has been invested. The time that you spent for pursuing your goal cannot be refunded. You cannot bring it back to your life, do you want those time to be wasted for nothing? Remember the sleepless nights that you endure just to make a little progress and now you wanted to quit? Remember all the time you invest in your goals instead of taking a vacation and spending time with your family. You spend most of your time pursuing your goal and that has already been your life. If you will quit now, you should have quit earlier while you are not too far yet.

3. Too much critics has been ignored. You already developed an ability to ignore critics so why not keep going? You don't mind what people say anymore so even if you fail, nothing or no one can bother you. A lot of people quit because they cannot take the embarrassment anymore, they listen to what people say, they let negative people bring them down. You already ignored a lot of critics, there are still some that can affect you but you've already been toughened. If you can ignore some critics then you can ignore everything .It doesn't matter if they laugh at you, go back and pursue your goal. Focus your vision on the right things and not on the things that will diminish your belief.

4. You don't know how many steps are remaining. You don't even know if you're almost there or not. Why not keep going and wait for the result until the end? Some people quit not knowing that they were only just one step away from claiming their dreams. You maybe far, you maybe near but it doesn't matter. All you need to do is keep moving until you reach the finish line.