June 08, 2016


What you are doing now may it be good or bad, beneficiary or not will be the starting line of your habit. Your activity now is the building block of a new habit so if you are engaging yourself in a bad activity now, be careful because that activity may be repeated over and over again until it becomes a part of your system. It will be very hard to remove a habit that was built so be careful on what activities that you are participating.

Take drug addicts as an example, at first they were just trying and experimenting the drug, they told themselves they will just give it a try, just one try. Then days have passed and they don't noticed that they were already addicted to drugs, they were itching everyday to get that drug because it feels like hell having not to use it for just one day.

So if you are doing something now, let's say you are studying just to get some good grades. Keep doing it until it becomes a habit. Your friends might be surprised because you are not really studying your lessons before. Never listen to them and forget what they say. What you are doing now will play a major role in your future, so even if your goal is to just make a good momentum, you are on the right track my friend.

If you just try going to the gym today because you are curious but it's not your intention to do it everyday, be happy because you might become a gymaholic one day. You already start doing it so you might be doing it again tomorrow and the next day. You already started so there is a big chance that you might develop that habit.

So if you want to see how your future would look like, take a look at what you are doing now. What is it that you are doing? regardless of what it is, may it be good or bad, that can become your future.

Don't ever underestimate small activities. Activities such as trying small vices. You can't try bad activities and say that you only tried it once. Once you experienced it, you may continue doing it in the future. Your mind is already triggered that it is ok to do it because you haven't seen the effects yet. It is like "one more, another, this is the last, this is really the last, promise this is the last" and you can't admit that you are being addicted to that bad habit anymore. You are in denial, and that is the most dangerous thing, not admitting that you have bad habits.

Engage in healthy and useful activities. If you really wanted to change, just do something that is positive, forget about doing it everyday and doing it consistently because you might get overwhelmed, just do something that you think will make your life better. Once you started, you might do it again tomorrow and on the other days ahead.

So if you don't want to become lazy, don't do lazy things, don't say that you will allow yourself to become lazy today because you were so tired and tomorrow you will go back being a hardworker. Once you started something, you may do it forever.