June 14, 2016


I can't believe that up to now excuses are still allowed and can be used when you screwed yourself up. People who can get away by using excuses will fail in the end. They thought they gain something but they really don't.

If you can only cut your excuses into half and turn the other half into actions then probably you will have a better life today. I know that some of those excuses were true but even if it is true, it still won't help you. You will only develop laziness, procrastination, lies and poverty through excuses. In other words excuses are for pussies, it is a word designated for people who were lazy, scared of something that doesn't need to be scared to and spoiled brats who wanted things to be given to them without having to work. Excuses have three stages, I will elaborate all of them:

1. After failure. This is the most common type of excuse. People always use this just to lessen the humiliation or maintain their self image a little bit. They want to preserve their greatness or something so they made excuses. They want people to believe that they lost because there is something wrong in them. Excuses such as: I don't have enough sleep, my tooth hurts, my stomach is aching, I was food poisoned, I argue with my girlfriend, the world is unfair, the professor is terror, I am not lucky.

And any other excuses on the book that they think will serve them. Usually, people who makes excuses after failing are athletes, fighters, politicians, celebrities and other personalities with big names. They don't want people to see them as weak, wrong and loser so they invent stories that they think will excuse them. After all, they know in themselves that they just want to get away from the embarrassment that they create.

Even the common people make excuses after failing. They do this to transfer the blame to others instead of facing the consequences of their wrong doings. They create bizarre stories that they were victims and needed to be excused.

2. Before Challenge. Some people even make excuses just before the challenge begins. They do this when they feel overwhelmed and outclassed. They make this excuses to feel good and not push themselves. People who didn't prepare or are not well prepared do this type of excuse. They let people know that they will fail because there is something wrong in them. They also wanted to maintain an image and get sympathy from people. They knew from the start that they are going to fail so they make a cover up story to fool people.

3. During challenge. This type of excuse usually occur when defeat is almost at sight. When an excuse maker feels that he is going to lose then he will create a believable excuse with perfect acting. Excuses such as minor injury, unfair treatment, lack of help and any other excuses that he thinks will give him consideration. People who does this type of excuse are quitters and doesn't want to continue, when they feel a little pain, they will immediately invent a story that is full of lies and weakness.