June 01, 2016



In life, we often focus on the things that weren't working. I don't know why people keep on doing that. Maybe it is because the negative things has a larger impact on our lives or it is causing more attention because it gives us feelings that we don't want and as the saying goes "what we resist persists". Negative things are making your brain more alive because it senses danger and irregularities. The brain is waking up because negative things can harm you. For example you are sleeping at night and you were awake by a loud noise... you will not check if your family is alright instead you will know what the noise is all about. You will get your flashlight and then you will keep on looking what made you go up then once you find nothing you will check if your family is still alive.

Another example is if you are alone in a jungle and you see two animals, one is a gazelle and another is a lion, you will focus more on the lion because it may harm you even though you are not so sure if it will harm you. Some lions can be afraid of humans too if they know how to drive them away. You were so focused on not wanting to get hurt that is why you are over assuming things even though some things were not really dangerous.

The reason why life is so hard is because you focus on the negative things, you focus on what is not working, you focus on what is giving chaos. It is easy to blame your teammate if your team is not winning instead of finding things that are working. It is easy to point fingers to others instead of appreciating what they can do.

If you are struggling, just find the things that are working. Even if you are having a difficulty in life, for sure there are still some things that will work for you. For example in studying how to play a musical instrument, it is very difficult in the beginning but for sure there are steps that are very easy for you to do, continue repeating those steps until you find a momentum to learn another step.

Example is learning how to play a guitar, there are some chords that are very hard to do because of the positioning of the fingers is really hard but for sure there are also some chords that are very easy to do, just focus on the easier chords first, master it until you are ready to do the harder chords. Never rush, never focus on what you can't do because it will only give you depression that will result to stopping how to learn.

If you are having a difficulty in finding money, again focus on the things that are working. Those steps may not give you money right away but those steps are working to give you a little bit of progress. If you were always being called for a job interview but you are not being hired after the interview, that thing is still working, it is working because it is making you closer to getting a job. Keep on attending job interviews even if there is no assurance that you will get hired, that thing is working and if you keep on doing it, sooner or later you will land a job.

If you have a business but no one is buying your product yet there are still some people that were asking you how much is your product... never close your business even if the money is not coming in because those inquiries from people is working, it is making you one step closer from making a sale. Just focus on the positive things because even though it is not giving you the result that you want, it is still working and it is giving you some momentum, it is giving you a little bit of hope.

In any kind of difficulty, there are some things that are still working, never forget that. It is up to you how to find it and make it work even better. Remember when you were just a kid trying to learn how to bike? You can't balance the bike and you keep on falling, but some times you can manage to pedal for a few times, and that thing is working. You keep on repeating the pedaling because there is a hope that you can pedal without stopping. And that day will come, you will learn how to ride a bike and having the perfect balance, it is simply because you keep on focusing on what is working and doing it repeatedly.

You'll just have to do what is working repeatedly until you become successful. No need to complicate things, even if that thing that works is very little, you need to trust it and keep doing it. Those little things that were repeatedly done will become big in the end.