June 04, 2016


The world is just repeating, what you have seen from the past, you will see it again in the future or even today. Success will be repeated, mistakes will be repeated, there might be a slight difference but everything is still similar in some ways.

That is why winners keep on winning and losers keep on losing, rich people continue to become more rich and poor people becomes poorer. It is simply because they just repeat what they do everyday. Repetition is powerful, some people don't want to give importance to it because sometimes repeating too much doesn't give any excitement anymore, sometimes it becomes so very boring so it is very hard to repeat again.

The trick is this... find one thing that works in your life and repeat it over and over again. If you can enjoy repeating your success then you will go further than what you expected. Repetition is genius, nobody in this world becomes a genius without repeating his work for a thousand times and spending a lot of hours. The term "the chosen one" is just a myth, everyone can choose himself to become the chosen one if he wants to. Only if he put the work and commitment to his chosen path.

Now, if you can repeat what the successful people did then you can also become victorious. Repeat their thoughts, repeat their work ethics, repeat their attitude, just completely copy their lifestyle and you can also repeat their success. You don't need to do special things just repeat and you will have a feat. The already show the layout, you don't need to change anything, just trust the process and find your way to success.

Come to think of it... the history is really repeating itself. After a very good athlete retires, there will always be someone who will fill the place. Before, the world were so afraid of losing Michael Jordan because they think that basketball will never be the same without him, the world thought nobody can replace him but there goes Kobe Bryant who almost do everything what Michael does. He copy Michael's work ethic, mindset, dedication and approach to the game. He accomplished what Michael accomplished, there might be a slight difference but he also became very successful.

In any given field, once the great ones were already done, there will be people to replace them. The world is just repeating, it is because the replacements also does what the greats does, they just repeat the hardwork and they have the same attitude and also the mindset.

So it is up to you what it is that you wanted to repeat. What are you doing now can be done by someone else before, so if you wanted to see how your future looks like, find someone who already have results, study their work ethic and their past and if it is similar as yours then you already knew where you are heading to.

That is why children who have bad parents were having hard time to change their lives, it is because they copy what their parents does. Have you seen a child who have separated parents? when he grew up he almost copied the same path of his parents, he has a broken relationship too. I am not saying that if you came from a broken family then you will have a hard time building your own family too. I am just citing some examples and cases because people tends to copy the people on his environment.

So if you want to have a good life, be careful on what do you wanted to repeat. You can repeat any kind of success in the world, if you will just repeat the process of what it takes to become successful.