June 29, 2016


If you are asking me when is the right time to stop. The answer is when you are about to begin again. If you're a drug addict and you wanted to stop, the right time to stop is when you are about to take drugs again. It is not setting a specific date, some addicts will tell themselves "I will stop this addiction once I found a good job or once I finish all of these drugs remaining in my cabinet". The question is... did they stop after finding a job or there are no more drugs in their cabinet? and what if they do not find a job?

Removing vices in your life is really hard to do especially if the addiction is really deep and started a long time ago. If you really wanted to stop you should always be alert, you should be conscious and not be controlled by your mind. Bad habits, vices, addictions are really hard to stop but it is possible to stop it. The key here is awareness and willpower. You should be aware if you are already opening a pack of cigarette, you should be aware if you are thinking about drugs, you should be aware if you are about to procrastinating.

Once you are aware that you are about to begin then stop right away. Throw your cigarette, throw your drugs, start doing something, start engaging yourself in a more positive activity.

How to really stop:

1. Know what is it that you wanted to stop. Be specific, what is it that you wanted to stop? it can be procrastinating, sleeping too much, cigarettes, drugs, gambling. Know it and always think about stopping it everyday. Once you decided what to stop, be serious in stopping it right away. Never make consequences before stopping it. Consequences such as "If I fall in love again I will stop drinking", "If I get rich I will take care of my body", "If someone forces me to stop then I will stop". If you always find excuses before you stop then you will never stop forever. Your stoppage should be serious, dedicated and you want it with all of your heart.

2. Avoid the trigger points. If you want to stop smoking then avoid people who were smokers, if you want to stop watching TV then you should keep the remote control, hide it to a place where it is hard to reach. If you want to stop visiting malicious websites then you should have restrictions in your computer. If you want to stop spending too much time in social media then you should close your facebook right away. Avoid the trigger points and stoppage will surely succeed.

3. Always imagine the tragic things if you don't stop. If you don't stop your bad habits and addiction what do you think may happen? it can be poverty, death, debts, regrets and any other negative things in life, you will experience a lot of bad things if you don't stop. Think about it everyday and I am pretty sure you will become scared to engage in your bad habits again.

4. Guard yourself. Watch yourself if you are about to start again and then stop it or think other thoughts that may entertain you so your attention will be focused on other things. Always be on the guard, always be cautious. If you can discipline yourself to constantly know if you are about to do bad things again then there is a chance that you can stop yourself. Sometimes excitement about doing what yo love makes you forget that you are not allowed to do it anymore. Constantly remind yourself that you are prohibited of doing such things. It is like you are the cop and the same time you are the robber, you are guarding yourself 24 hours a day.