June 24, 2016


A lot of people out there are talking about their dreams, they're talking about their plans, how big is the house that they will build, how fancy is the car that they are going to buy. BUT... did it really happened? did their dreams really come into fruition?

There are many pretenders out there trying to become great by just saying something, by just being cocky, they talk about their endless plans that never happened because they don't even have the power to start it, all they have is the power to use their saliva and fool everyone.

Become proud, become cocky if you already have it and not when you're just talking about it. Anyone can do the talking but not everyone can do the acting.

And you think you are getting popular and people were amazed at you by telling them how big your dream is? you think they were praising you and treating you like a saint? at first maybe, but they will find out in the end that you are just a poser. They will see that you're just good in talking and you lack actualizing.

Talking should be done in the end and not at the beginning. Less talk, less pressure. Don't build hype if you are not willing to take actions right away because it will bite you in the ass in the end. One good thing about not talking about your dreams is no one will guard you so there is lesser pressure to perform. No one watches you, no one will criticize you, you just show them results in the end and they will get shocked and will ask you how did you do it?

It is much better to work in your dreams quietly so no one will give you comments that will only take away your focus. Some people cannot mind their own business and thinks that they know everything, they will give you numerous advises that they cannot even do on their own.

It is time to shut your mouth and do the work. Talking will not take you anywhere, it will just destroy your reputation. Talk if you can back it up but if not... it's better to just keep quiet and do some better things.