June 18, 2016


People were so addicted to mainstream. They follow the crowd, once they saw something that was patronized by many, they will also support it. They will support it even though they really don't like it because they don't to want get left behind. They don't want to be labelled as weird, out of fashioned, ignorant, old school, not so cool, not capable of and any other things that mainstream people use to criticize.

What the people don't know by joining the crowd is they are getting weaker. Just because you are joining bigger number of people doesn't mean you are also strong. It makes you weaker because you are not using your own strength. You are just following the crowd and doing what they say you must do.

You also destroy your creativity by following the crowd. You are so concerned about their reactions and comments so you don't express yourself anymore and you don't produce things that you think will not be liked by everyone. You are just following a layout that was invented by many and you don't know yourself anymore. You are not being you, you are being them, you are just following what you think is right because a lot of people do it.

The reality is a lot of people just wants to play safe so they don't want to do their own thing, they don't want to be judged, they don't want to be scrutinized. They were forced to do the things that they don't really love, they keep their power and never use it.

There were some rockstars from the past that were really good in playing music but when they realized that their music is not producing money anymore, they shift to another genre, they play mainstream. They even dance and make stupid moves just to entertain people. Deep inside they don't want it but because they want other people to like them, they do it. They do it for the sake of money and survival. I know they were so sick and tired of doing music that they don't love, they were sick and tired of playing something that doesn't even comes from their heart but they don't have choice because they want people to notice them.

The problem with joining the mainstream is you will not be as passionate as you were before. You do things for people and not for yourself, you please them and you almost forgot what you really love to do. You cannot be at your best because your actions were limited, you feel like you were jailed and you're like a monkey who was forced to dance just to get some bananas.

Being yourself is better than joining the crowd because by doing this you will experience a lot of freedom, you are not scared if something goes wrong or if some people doesn't love what you are doing, you are totally free to express yourself and do the things that you want to do. You don't need to pretend like someone who you are not. Your actions will be authentic, you can say anything you wanted to say, you can produce materials that doesn't need any approval.