June 07, 2016


You don't  need to study the whole Britannica or Wikipedia or whatever it is that gives you complete information. I am not against any school but some skills needed to succeed were not thought in school. They only teach you information but most of those information were useless and cannot be used in work or whatever it is that you are pursuing.

You don't need a lot of skills to succeed, you don't need a lot of knowledge, there are only some qualities that you must possess in order to thrive in life. You can become successful even if you are not so smart, talented or gifted. Most successful people never said that they were intelligent or gifted, they only preached hardwork and dedication. I don't know why is talent so overrated, all I know is those who believe in talents never go far in life.There are only three skills that you must master in order to succeed in life, once you mastered all of these nothing is impossible to you, you will be surprised at how far you've come, you will possess a power to do big things and achieve extraordinary success.

1. The power to believe. If you have unparalleled belief then you don't need to go to school anymore or ask for any scholarship program or whatever. You just do it, you know you don't know anything but you know you will know a lot along the way. You believe in yourself, even if there are some doubts from other people, you cannot be affected by what they say. You just jump in, you throw yourself into the deepest water and find an oxygen by yourself. You just know that you can do it no matter what, even if what you are dreaming of seems impossible to others, you still pursue it relentlessly without conscience or any thought that you will fail.

You can do impossible things if you believe, you can do things that others can't even imagine. For some you might look crazy but you just laugh at it and you continue to hammer the stone until you find the gold. No one can stop you, no one can break your belief, your belief is the only thing that is giving you hope to carry on and make consistent efforts until you succeed.

Having the power to believe is the starting point, the rest will follow, once you believe  you can pursue any kind of dream no matter how big or small it is. Some people will say that you should be realistic and never believe impossible things, those people are right if you believe them but if you follow your own beliefs then nothing else matters.

2. The power to endure. If you have the power to endure then you can reach the final step of your journey, you can believe anything you want, you can believe in yourself but if you don't have the power to endure then those beliefs will fade and go away. Develop the power to endure so you can beat any challenge. Endure any obstacles along the way and be the last man standing. Sometimes you don't need to outwork everyone, you just need to outlast them because some people will not work until the end once they saw that what they are doing is not working, once they feel that their suffering is enough and they need to quit. If you can endure everything then you can be anything.

3. The power to learn by your own. Admit the fact that no one will teach you if you can't pay or if you can't give something in return. What if you don't have money or don't have anything to offer?

You should develop the ability to learn by your own. Learning by yourself is not as hard as you imagined. You will just do it even if you don't know how to do it. Mistakes will give you a lesson if you are attentive and dedicated. Learning by your own is not a talent. It is not about having the ability to absorb any information, it is about wanting to get the information and applying it right away.

Learn by your own so you won't be fooled by anyone and be commanded by anyone. Learn what you need to learn, you can learn it if you really want it. There is no excuse here that you don't know it that is why you don't want to do it. Learn by your own so you will never be owned.