June 30, 2016


You are very careful of your shoes that costs 150 dollars, you don't want a little dirt to damage its details. It is normal, shoes are really lovable especially if it is very expensive. But sometimes, everything has to go. No matter how much you preserve your property, you still have to let it go. You have to let it go because it is breaking little by little or you need to  replaced it with a newer and nicer one.

But how to let it go? How to let go a shirt, a shoes or something that was really valuable to you in the past?

The answer is very simple... use it until it looks very weary. Use it to the point where you almost destroy it. Use it until it cannot be used anymore, that is how you give justice to your valuable thing.

By doing this, you will not have any emotional connection with it anymore. You will not feel any regret by trashing it or giving it to other people.

Some people give too much value to a thing. They preserve it until it breaks by itself because of long storage or no usage at all. Anything can break if not used. Take microwave oven as a sample, store it for one year without usage and you will see that it is not functioning right anymore.

Some people cannot use their things because they love it too much, they don't use it until they grow old. And when they grow old and cannot use it anymore, the fell regretful because they don't enjoy it while they can.

Remember that a thing is just a thing. Don't give value to it too much, it is not a baby that needs to be taken care of.

Reward yourself by using your valuable things, forget if it will look old because of too much use. Use it because you deserve to use it. So when the time where you need to replace it, you will not have difficulty letting it go.