June 11, 2016


What is strength how do you define it? for me strength is something to maintain and not to aim for. Strength is something that you should live forever and not just an occasionally type of thing. Sometimes you wanted to become strong or reach a level of strength so you can compete at any level. You aim for an ideal strength that you have in mind, you do whatever it takes to have it, you grind, you work only to find out that you can't have it.

The reality is you don't know how strong you are until you face a big challenge. Small challenges will just bring out your mediocre side, big challenges will bring out the monster in you. All people have their own unique type of strength that was kept inside of them, it will only come out when needed or when summoned.

Real strength comes out in times of danger and when you are smelling defeat. You release your strength to avoid being eaten or beaten by another opponent or challenge. It is impossible that you cannot overcome anything if you don't quit.

Some people will try to gain strength that they have inside of their heads, they have this ideal strength that they want to achieve, I don't know how can they measure it but they still try to have it. For example, they wanted to become as strong as Hulk Hogan or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't know why they do it, strength is something you find in yourself and not something you copy.

Don't aim for a specific strength,  maintain it. Stop trying to become as stronger as somebody you admire because you have your own strength, you need to build it everyday and maintain it forever. You can even create a strength that was stronger than others', it is up to you how far you wanted to go. Strength is unlimited, strength can reach the highest high and farthest far.

Some people after reaching some level of strength will stop what they are doing, they thought that their strength will remain forever. They thought that they were already strong enough and they will never become weak anymore. That mindset have brought them back to zero, they just wasted their time from the past working to become strong because they already stopped. Once you stop working that's the time you become a weakling.

Once you gain some strength, you should maintain it or even surpass it. Because challenges will come anytime it wants, you will face adversities whether you like it or not.

How to maintain strength:

Expose yourself to challenges. You will become weak if you are always playing safe, expose yourself to challenges to see if you are getting stronger or weaker. If you feel that you are getting weak then it is time to make adjustments. It is time to do some work and regain the strength that you lost.

Work harder than yesterday. You can't be doing the same thing over and over again, you should work harder than yesterday to maintain strength. It is not that you are getting weaker even though you are still working, it's just people around you were working harder than you so you will still look weaker than them. To maintain strength, you should still evolve everyday even if the evolution is very little. You need to push a little harder, you still need to feel a little bit pain because if you are not feeling it... it means you are deteriorating.