June 09, 2016


Another big hindrance to success is entertaining other people's problems. When someone knock at your door and borrow some money from you or is simply asking for a favor that will destroy your momentum, you act like an angel and help that person. You did the wrongest thing by helping him and you haven't solve your problems yet, your focus will shift to his attention and you will lose your concentration to what you are supposed to do.

I am not preaching badness here or being a black hearted individual but you cannot help others if you will not solve your problems first. You will only double your problems and it will make your head aching all day.

There is nothing wrong in helping others but make sure you have so much to offer and your life will not be affected by helping them. A lot of people who wants to become a hero prioritizes other people's problems first and they do not noticed that their own lives is falling apart. Don't ever let your ship sink by other people's faults.

You are not born to save the world and act like a hero. Being kind is diffany erent from being stupid. And one more thing, anyone can solve his own problem so don't ever feel guilty if you didn't help.

Some people are very weak, they want to solve their problems right away by asking for some help, they do not want to see what they can do first. They were the ones who created their own problems from the very beginning. They were the ones whose irresponsible and not taking any precautionary measurements before making stupid decisions.

Don't ever feel bad if you didn't help anyone because from the first place why they don't ask for their own family and relatives first? Maybe those people also turn their backs from them.


• The person who asks for help will become more responsible next time, he will learn his lesson, he will learn that not anytime there will always be people who were willing to help him. He will wake up and do the right thing next time. In other words you help someone by not helping because you made him realized that life is tough and if you make foolish mistakes your life will suck.

• Your ability to reject will improve. Everytime you reject someone it only means that you are mentally tough and you can make the right decisions. A person who always answer YES is a weak person. There will be times when you should say no and stand up for yourself to make your life even better. Rejecting someone is not bad, it is good for yourself and for the person that was rejected because if he take it positively, it will make him tougher.

• When you say no to someone, the burden that you are carrying will not get heavier. You have your own problems so don't ever add something to make it heavier. You can focus on your life even more and live it without any other distractions.