June 10, 2016


I've been addicted before in sleeping. Who doesn't want to sleep all day? you can fantasize in anything that you are dreaming of. You can relax all day, you don't have to work and time is very fast in sleeping. Sleeping is very addictive because you live like a king by doing it, it feels like there is no problem in the world because you were always unconscious. You just chill out and waste a lot of time like you can live forever.

Especially when it is raining or during a cold weather. Sleeping is very tempting when it is cold, that is why people fell asleep in a place where aircondition is very strong, even during work or at the movie house. Your eyes closes automatically, you snore like a lion that has the authority to sleep anytime he wants.

If you have a problem, sometimes what you do is you just sleep so you can forget it. If you got overwhelmed by the big tasks infront of you, you also sleep so you will feel good. But the reality is you will just feel good for a very short period of time and then after sleeping you will become stress even more, and sometimes even if you are sleeping you still don't have a peace of mind because the pending tasks and responsibilities were always running inside of your head. It's like you are sleeping and having a nightmare.

You can't escape your problems, you need to face it. The more you go the other way to escape your problems or tasks, the more you will become miserable. If you have a project to do, do it right away. Sleeping can't get the job done, sleeping will just postpone your misery, it will make your feeling heavier. If you are sleeping you are not progressing. You thought that you are having a good time in sleeping but in reality you are just preparing yourself to fail. You need to fight sleepiness, you need to find ways how to gather energy and keep moving.

You only need 5 hours of sleep. If you really wanted to become successful you should not follow the 8 hour sleep rule in sleeping. 5 hours is a lot and it can rejuvenate your energy. You don't get energy from sleeping, you get energy from moving. Sleep 8 hours and you will see that you want to sleep more, after sleeping for 8 hours you feel so exhausted. You will tell yourself you need more, you will tell to yourself "I already slept for 8 hours so why not sleep the whole day". I am very sure this thing happens to you.

Sleeping is just a habit. Once you made sleeping a habit you will become sleepy forever. Even if you are not tired, if you habitualized sleeping for 12 hours a day then you will do it forever. When you come to work you are still sleepy even if you have enough sleep. Some even manage to sleep while standing, there is an illusion in their heads that they were very tired even thought they were not doing anything.

How to avoid sleeping a lot:

Always think about your future. Constantly remind yourself that if you prioritize sleeping then your future will suck and you will become broke. Remind yourself that sleeping is different from resting. You don't need sleep, you just need rest and a rest only takes 5 hours. If you sleep a lot remind yourself that you will miss a lot, you will miss a lot of opportunities and you will never see the good things in life. 

Be active. Engage yourself in activities that requires motion, activities such as exercise, lifting weights, sports,  pursuing small or big goals. If you are active you can have more energy. Activities such as watching TV, playing video games, social media will drain your energy and will make you even sleepier. You need to make your blood circulate so engage in activities that will move your muscles.