June 21, 2016


One method that is underrated that can give you an advantage in life is SHOWING EVERY OPTIONS THAT YOU CAN PRESENT. Most people are shy to show what they've got because they thought that it was not good enough or people might laugh at their idea. What they do not know is one of their options might be the one that people were looking for.

In life you have to take chances, you have to show all of your options even if you have no confidence in showing it. Even if you think that your stuffs are ugly and useless, you still have to show it. You don't know that some people might appreciate your options or need your options.

You also have to feel proud about your options because by doing so, you will release an energy of confidence and trust. People will see that you love what you are showing and your stuffs mean something, they will feel that you really mean business and you are there to nail it.

For example, a salesman who is in a car business. He must show every options that he have. Even the tiniest detail and smallest freebies must be offered. He must make sure that he will never leave any options from him undiscussed. He must leave all out there and never take no for an answer. He must have the confidence to show all of his options without any stain of shyness and holding back.

Even if your options seems like useless and garbage, just show it and offer it. Some people might like it and the person that you are talking to at the moment might be the one who will like it so still, take chances. Even if you get embarrassed because your options were not that good for them, be proud still and don't even feel regretful.

Even if your option is like a free mug if they do the transaction with you, just show it still because it might still create an impact and convince  the person that you are dealing business with. What if the color of the mug you offered was his favorite color? what if he loves the design? You may never know what can give you an advantage so whatever it is that you can offer, offer it!