June 10, 2016


Most people treat rejection as if it is the end of the career that they are pursuing, they thought that it is a sign that they need to move on or they need to accept that they are a failure. The reality is rejection is just a sign that you are in the right direction.

Rejection is a test. It is a test of your endurance, it is a test of your will if you are strong enough to have your dreams. You should be ok being rejected because if you take it seriously you will make a hallucination in your mind that the world is very cruel to you. You will become very negative and you will build a lot of hate in your heart. The result is... you are not moving forward anymore, you are moving backward and your mind is being poisoned everyday by negativity.

Rejection is a blessing. Once you got rejected, it means better opportunity is waiting for you. It means the door that didn't let you in is not a good option and it has lesser things to offer to you. The mindset should be like this: THE NEXT ONE IS THE BETTER OPPORTUNITY. So just laugh at someone or something that rejects you because you know greater things are about to come. Laugh at them because they missed you, you are a great piece and a gem, you can offer a lot. They were the ones who missed something big and not you.

There is a story of a man who got rejected 287 times before getting a job. He really knew the count because he is counting it. This man is my friend, I know for a fact that he has been rejected at that count because he is going outside everyday looking for a job. I've seen him, he will wake up in the morning look for a job and when he got home, he is so sad and depressed. But that number didn't stop him. He told me that rejection makes him even hungrier and stronger to look for a job. He never loses hope. He is just a human so he feel sad sometimes but he never let that sadness slow him down. He will try again as fast as he can and his belief never decreases. It is even increasing everytime he faces rejection. One day his time had come, he finally landed a job that he really likes with very good pay. Everyone was surprised because they already counted him as a failure. What they don't know is he uses those rejection as a fuel for motivation, he made up his mind that he will never stop until he find a job. His perseverance pay off, he is very rich now and he never gives attention to those people who counted him out before.

How to feel good after being rejected:

1. Instantly replace the thoughts of sadness. This is hard but it is really effective, of course you will feel sad after being rejected but rejection is not the main issue here, it is the feeling that it gives to you after being rejected. Feelings were built from thoughts, if you can replace the thoughts of sadness by thoughts of happiness then you can overcome rejection as fast as possible. Think about succeeding, visualize it, embrace it, you will see that you are gaining your strength again and you immediately wanted to make another try.

2. Make a joke for yourself. Tell yourself that you've been rejected by a girl because you're too much handsome for her. Tell yourself that you got rejected by a company because they don't know too much about your knowledge and they will be overwhelmed by your presence. Make a joke that is building your confidence again, make a joke that is always favoring your side.

3. Instantly look for another target. May it be a girl or a job or another opportunity. Look for another target that replaces the one that rejects you. By doing this, you will become excited again, motivated again and you will forget your past easily. Look for a bigger target and then relentlessly pursue it again. Looking for another target will replace the bad thoughts you get from being rejected in the past. It is like being born again with newly found hope and inspiration.

Benefits of rejection

You will become tougher. All the rejection does is make you tougher. You experienced a lot of trauma and if you survive them... your emotional immune system is already on a different level. You will know what pain is all about, you will know what it can do to you, you will find out that rejection is just part of the process of making you a better person.

You will become smarter. You will know what you need to do next time after being rejected, what you did from the past didn't work so it is time for you to make corrections in your behaviors and techniques. You will learn a lot, you will know what are the do's and don'ts to avoid being rejected again.

Greater opportunities will come. I've said it before and I will say it again, you've been rejected not because you don't deserve but rather they don't deserve you. Be happy because greater opportunities will come, much much bigger than what rejects you. You will be happy that you were rejected from the past because you are now experiencing bigger things in life.