June 28, 2016


You become successful not because you get what you want, it is because you become the person that is capable of succeeding. It is not about the money, promotion, cars, big contracts or big houses. You become successful because you build habits, attitudes and mindset for succeeding. Those things may vanished but your attitude for succeeding will never.

Look at those people who got promoted because they are their boss' best friend, look at those people who were rich since day one of their lives when their lives fall apart they don't know what to do. They freaked out, it is because they have no habits and mindset for succeeding. They did not take the hard journey, a journey that someone can be proud of.

You are not successful because you have many properties, you are successful because you have the attitude of a successful person, you were hardened in your journey. You thought yourself how to live life the real way, you become a better person who knows what to do with his life no matter what the circumstances are. The journey strengthened you, all the steps that you have to take makes you patient, strategic and smart.

So there is no such thing as failure. A man fails if he gives up. Remember, it is not those things that made you successful, it is the character that was built inside of your system. So even if you didn't get what you want but you are still pursuing it, you were already successful. Success comes from pursuing it, success comes from the journey, it is just a matter of time before you get the reward because the reward is just a bonus.