June 13, 2016


Decide fast, don't hesitate, if you are going to do it then do it. Kill the doubts inside of your head. Ignore all the negative emotions. Go all out and never look back. Fear will always be there and it will never go away, what matters is you don't stop moving.

Every successful people in this world were also scared before they succeed but they make decision so quick and they never let their fears stop them. They just do it and they never care about the outcome. They live like there is no more tomorrow, so why not do everything now.

Deciding is very hard especially if you are always thinking about failing. Especially if you don't want to lose. If you really want to become successful, you should not fear being defeated. You just do everything you can and you don't care about anything that will come on your way, you don't care about anything that will be thrown at you.

Once you decide, stick with it until it is yours. Some people, after deciding will regret their decision if they faced some hardships along the way. They do not know that adversities are just part of the game, they do not know that challenges is not there to make you hopeless, it is there to make you fearless, challenges are there to hardened you not to softened you. Once you face all the challenges there there is nothing left to scare you.

Benefits of deciding very quick:

1. You are so ahead of others. While others are hesitating, you are moving. While others are triple thinking, you are progressing. It is not about being reckless, it is about having a bold move and a crystal vision that you are going to succeed no matter what. If you decide so fast then you will get results so fast. Even if your decisions is wrong, you will at least get some feedback and you will know what to do next time. Unlike people who were eaten by their fears and cannot even make the first step, they were trapped in a rat race and they will just keep talking about their regrets and what could have been. They will not know their capabilities, they will wonder forever if they can make it or not.

2. You will achieve a lot. Because you don't waste time in over thinking and over analyzing, there is no time being wasted in your life. You will experienced a lot of things and gain so much knowledge. Action is better than making a perfect plan. You will get more results even if your actions were wrong.

3. Finishing tasks is very easy. You will be good at finishing tasks if you develop a habit of deciding quick. You don't think if you have a task, you will just decide that you will do it, even if the task is very hard, you make it look very easy because you don't care about the million steps it take to finish. You just throw yourself out there and move relentlessly. Your mind is on an autopilot mode of just deciding and doing, there is no hang time, no buffers. You're like a ferrari engine, you move with very good sound.