June 28, 2016


You're so worried about what people are thinking, you think you're a star whose actions were guarded by many. Well that's what you think but the true story is people don't care.

People will just care for a few seconds then after that they will go back to their own lives. So if you got embarrassed in a given situation... gather yourself quickly and focus on what you need to do.

Giving so much importance to what people say is like not giving importance to your own value. You were so afraid of speaking loud, moving a lot, speaking your mind and giving ideas. You think that you were always being judged but the truth is people don't care and they were also busy thinking about other things.

If you think you've been judged then you truly are but if you think that they don't care then you are also correct. It's just a matter of how you feel about their reactions because your next move will be based on how you think about how they feel. So if you feel bad about their reactions then you will get embarrassed even more. Your mind will not be able to think clearly, you will be froze in fear and your breathing will get faster than its normal way.

If you accidentally fall into the ground, speak the wrong way, or you have dirt in your teeth. If they laughed at you, don't ever feel bad, don't ever feel that you got bullied. Laugh at it too because it really didn't lessen your personality. Just wait for a few seconds and then their laughter will be gone. All you need to do is play it cool, laugh at it and pretend that it doesn't bother you. Because if you let them feel that you are affected... they will mock you even more.

People don't care guys, it's your mind that cares. You care about what if they say this, what if they say that. Literally, all the people in this world doesn't care about people who they do not even know. And even if you feel you've been embarrassed in front of people you know, they also do not care. They will still accept you for who you are, maybe they will talk about what happened in your back, but the good thing is you will not hear it. And if you don't hear what they say, they they do not say anything.

Stop wondering if they are judging you or not. Even if they do, it is none of your business. Your duty in this world is to fulfill your mission if you have. Just focus on what you are doing so you can redeem yourself if you feel you got embarrassed. And one more thing, does it really even matter if they laugh at you? is the money in your pocket going to diminished? Are your dreams going to get shattered? It's not a big deal if they laugh at you because if you don't give attention to it, it is nothing.

You think that they care because you were always protecting your self image. You are so afraid that your identity will be tarnished. Don't put your thoughts in that place, always feel free to suck, always celebrate the freedom that you have because people really don't care if you succeed or if you fail.