June 18, 2016


You can still succeed even if you are not the best in the world. Even if you have no talents, gift or whatever. You can thrive if you can outlast everyone.

In whatever field you are in, it can be about business, music, sports, arts or anything that you are pursuing. If you think you are not the best you can still become the best. Your number one weapon is TIME. Many pretenders nowadays were doing a lot of noise, they tell everyone how good they were, how talented they were but their arrogance will only last for a a few months or even weeks. If you can have the longest time span in doing something then you will become legendary, you will become great, people will know you as an icon and a person who is very serious in what he is doing .

That is why new bands or artists were not given so much respect because they were just new in the business but if they were able to sustain what they are doing, let's say 10 years or more then people will respect them, people will hear them and give tribute to them. It is simply because they outlast everyone. A lot of bands were excited at the beginning, they were dreaming of making a lot of money, dating a lot of girls and living a life of a real rockstar. But when they don't seen any results... THEY JUST QUIT. They don't know that doing something for a long time will make you great. It is very simple you will just live for something and rewards will come naturally. It may come earlier or later but  for sure it will come, no great effort and perseverance hasn't been rewarded.

HYPE IS OVERRATED. Anyone can make hype, anyone can declare that he is rich, great, talented and happy but the question is... was it really true or how long will it last? a lot of people were just good at the beginning, when people were praising them, when people were appreciating them. But when down times hits them... they were like pussies who will not face the sad reality. They will whine like a bitch and complain, they will change direction and begin making temporary noise again.

Life is not about how good you are, it is about how long will you stick with your principles and belief. The universe will not reward a quitter, it will reward a stayer. It is like saying inside of your head to everyone "go ahead and make a noise, go ahead and market yourself, let's see who will stay in the end". With a little smirk on your face and knowing that those pussies will never do their things for a long time.

Did you know some No. 1 picks in the NBA during the NBA draft? some of them were really successful but some of them were big time failures. Those failures have all the hype in the beginning, people were expecting a lot from them, they also thought that it is a walk in the park and they can carry a team to a championship because they were no. 1 draft picks. They thought that they were very talented but when the going gets tough and people didn't believe them anymore... they just quit, they just accept that they were failures and stop working hard anymore. They don't want to stay any longer because of the frustrations that they were experiencing. They cannot endure the critics that is why their happy lives were falling apart.

On the other hand, there were some players who don't have a lot of hype in the beginning but make it big time until the end. They know how to play life. They know that all they need to do is become a professional, just show up everyday, become a little better everyday and never give up until they succeed and that is what usually happens.

If there is no good things that is happening to you just endure it, just stay with your belief, the universe is just testing you if you really want it. If you really want it you will stay, if you really want it you will outlast everyone.