June 22, 2016


If you want to make a name for yourself but you feel your skills were not that good to make a name, don't worry because you don't need great skills to make a name, you just need time, a lot of time. And of course consistency and dedication. You have to commit and say to yourself "you know what this is what I will do and I will die for this until I my name is carved on the hall of fame".

All you need to do is keep on doing what you are doing everyday and never stop, never stop until you grow old, never stop until you become great. Even if you are not earning a lot of money, even if you get hungry, just fulfill what you are ought to accomplished.

People respect age, people respect people who've done a lot of things and has a lot of experience. That is why old bands for let's say 15 years is much appreciated than a younger band full of talents and promises.

Name will be respected as it grows old. Look at the Metallica, Red hot chili peppers, Incubus, Foo fighters, Pearl jam and any other big bands in the music industry... people look at them as legends and icons. People respected them and treat them like real rockstars. It is because people saw their dedication, hardwork and perseverance. People realized that they were very serious and they make good music, they have a lot of big contribution into this world. Before, they were not so popular when they were just starting but look at them now, they were larger than life.

Anything that you are doing, do it until you grow old. The time span maybe so long but the rewards will be priceless. All of your works will be honored, all of your efforts will be recognized. And this is guaranteed, you don't need to worry if someone is appreciating your work or if somebody is looking at your work. Just do your work and everything will work out. No need to complicate things, no need to listen to what people say, just give attention to your work, make it grow and then you will become successful in the end.

And never think that it takes 10-15 years to make a name, some people have made it lesser than 5 years. They were already respected with lesser time span because they work freaking hard, harder than anybody else that is why success is attracted to them easily.

So if you wanna make a name, start now and stick with it, never change your route, never quit, just keep on working. Enjoy the process and one day you'll get recognized.