June 08, 2016


Well this word "YOLO" is always mistakenly understood by a lot of people. Yes it is the acronym for the phrase " You Only Live Once". But people use this saying as an excuse to become a bastard and undisciplined. They do unacceptable things and stupid mistakes because again, they will always say you only live once so why not do it?

Just because it says you only live once doesn't mean you have the right to party all night, it doesn't mean you have to screw up, it doesn't mean spend all your time travelling and then become broke. Yes you only live once so why not make your life amazing and inspiring? Why not make the best out of it and achieve impossible things?

I am pretty sure that those who always go to vacation, those who party every night and drink all day was not totally happy after all. They also experience misery after they have hangovers, pile of bills to pay and experience being broke.

YOLO doesn't mean just do whatever is it that you want, it also means become a dreamer and executor. It is not about having fun everyday, it is about pursuing your dreams now, becoming what you wanted to be and live a life that has no regrets.

Because when you became old and grey and cannot do a lot of things anymore, when reality sets in you will say to yourself "I only live once, why did I do stupid things from the past? why didn't I pursue my dream and become big as I can?", especially when you see your batchmates and schoolmates from the past succeeding and having a wonderful life, you will experience jealousy and hatred to yourself.

Even if you are still young you shouldn't be a happy go lucky type of person and always wanting to be cool. Never be tempted with instant gratification that will just make you feel good right away and will make you feel bad in the end. Things such as drugs, wanting to fit in, excessive alcohol, everyday party, always going into vacation without money, these things will just make your life miserable. You experience happiness but that is just a temporary happiness, it will only last for a few days and you will go back being miserable again, because all you do is have some fun that takes away the balance in your life.

Life is not all about having fun, sometimes it is delaying the fun so you will have more fun in the end.

Pursuing success, making yourself better, developing everyday, achieving goals are the real definition of YOLO. You stretch yourself and see how far can you go. You take risks, you make sacrifices but you are still enjoying life. I am not saying that totally become a boring person and just grind everyday, if it is fun to you then go ahead. But sometimes have time relaxing also but not excessive relaxing. Always have bigger and meaningful things to do, that is the real meaning of YOLO.