June 22, 2016


Sometimes you get angry, emotionally traumatized, depressed or even wanting to commit suicide because of the problems that you are facing. Yeah it is normal for a person to experience negative feelings because of bad happenings around him. It is normal to make dramatic acts and whine like a baby but you shouldn't be like that for a month. You should place your mind in the right position to live a normal life again.

The recovery time should not be more than 2 weeks. You are only allowed to cry like a bitch for 2 weeks and after that go back to normal. Because if you hold the anger, resentment or any negative emotion for more than 2 weeks then you will miss the beauty of life or you will be a dramatic person forever. You will not be able to do what you are supposed to do, you will blame the world, hate the world and your life will become miserable forever.

Just let the feeling go. Any negative feelings that won't help you, trash it, throw it on the garbage can and forget about it. It's ok to think about it sometimes because thoughts are really hard to control but be careful not to go back and think about what happened to you all day long again.

Holding the grudge, holding the misery, holding the regrets is just like digging your own grave. You will become mentally illed and physically killed. Nurturing negative feelings will make you sick and weak.

Take it one day at a time. Of course the pain will never go away that fast but it doesn't mean it won't go away. Just live your life like a normal life, once the negative thoughts are running on your mind again, immediately shift your focus to something positive. You can't forget the past but you can replace it with another happy thought that will make you feel better.

There is no such thing as moving on. But there is such thing as living on. Just live, just continue your life find ways to entertain yourself and you will forget your bad experience. You can't just say to yourself "okay the the drama is over, I will move on and stop thinking about it". Because you can't forget a tragic experience right away, all you need to do is keep living until it is not so much a big deal to you anymore.

Never end your life because all of the people who killed themselves have regretted it. Life doesn't have a spare so never ever end your life. It maybe raining in your life so hard for now but the sun will shine again, all you have to do is wait, endure the negative feeling until it go away.