June 07, 2016


Ask and you shall receive - this is true, 100 percent true. But if you are going to ask make sure you are confident and your intention is clear or else the person being asked might ignore you or won't grant your request. Never ask in hesitation or else people won't understand you. They will even not give you time, ask with boldness and carry your one hundred percent confidence with you. Raise your voice, feel invincible.

You ask a girl that you wanted to date and then BOOM you get the answer. If you will not ask all you will get is regrets and thoughts of what could have been. It is ok to get rejected what matters is you get an answer. And once you get an answer, even if the answer is not what you are expecting, you will know what is the next move to do. It is either ask her again or go find another date.

You ask a company if they need your service and you will get the job. If you don't ask then they will get another person for the job. Ask fast, ask strong, make sure they got the message, make sure your message is clear. Show your objective, show them that you want it so badly so you can catch their attention. Don't go there like a freshman, be a badass dude that is very sure of himself.

Have no emotions when asking, don't feel nervous and mostly don't be needy. Don't look like you are begging or else you won't get what you want.  Always look confident with nothing to lose when asking, make them feel that they are the ones who must give you a favor because they needed you. Project a look that is very hard to ignore, show an image that is ready to accept something.

People can't get what they are asking because they always show fear, they present themselves looking very scared and they cannot even talk straight or stand straight. When you ask make sure you look into their eyes, make sure your voice is clear and you sound like a man on a mission. Never hesitate or else you won't get what you need. Have a killer instinct, always sound like a hungry wolf when asking.

Always ask on the right time. Timing is also an important element when asking. You can't ask a person when she is mad or busy. Make sure you will be entertained properly when you ask. Ask when a person is not talking to someone, not busy or not mad. Always consider timing because if you didn't ask on the right time, the consequence will be you might get embarrassed or you will be rejected right away.

Ask politely. Confidence is very different from arrogance or being rude. Make sure they hear you but be careful that you don't offend someone or else you will not get what you need. You are the person who needs something so don't act like a boss and stop being bossy. Be patient, be polite and always put a gentle smile on your face.