June 28, 2016


You are pretty but your brain is empty. So what is the use of that prettiness? You maybe beautiful but your life is not useful, are you happy with that? You may fool some people but you cannot fool yourself, you're a fraud trying to look great but you don't have anything to offer other than your boobs and butt.

If you are so busy in investing in your looks and not your skills then you are in danger my friend. Looks will fade, skins will get wrinkled and rough but your skill... It will remain forever even if you grow old, you can use your skill forever, it will never leave your soul.

Look at those gold diggers who invested a lot on their bodies and faces. Once their partners are not attracted to them anymore... they were dumped like a garbage that smells like shit. They were treated like a useless person. They were so used to being supported by others that is why they cannot even support themselves anymore. They don't know anything, all they knew is how to put makeups on their faces and receive some cash at the end of the month.

Don't be like those people who all knew is how to look cute in social media. Develop some skills that will give you money, invest in what is inside of you. Inside will get stronger as you grow older, outside will become weaker and uglier.

At the end of the day, even if you are the most gorgeous man or woman.. you will still look ugly as your grow older, you can never escape it. But your skill and the inner strength that you develop... it will stay with you until you die. You may slow a little bit but you can still become a very useful person.

Advantages of improving your content:

1. It's free. You don't need to buy anything, you don't need to by makeups or pay silicon implants. All you need to do is find a skill and become better at it everyday. You don't need a lot of money, all you need to do is find that motivation to become better everyday, stay committed and stay on the grind. It is not hard to do, you just need to find the happiness of doing it everyday.

2. It is forever. Once you develop a skill and mastered it... it will remain in your system forever, you will not forget it, no one can take it away from you, it's yours, forever yours. You have something to be proud of, no one can belittle you. You have something to go to when you feel sad. You have a default activity that will make you feel better again if you are feeling stressed or depressed.

3. You can earn money on your own. All the skills that were took to the highest level can earn money, it can even give you a fortune. Trust me, once you are very good at something, people will contact you to do service for them. They will give you perks, special treatment especially if what you are doing is really interesting for them. They will treat you like a VIP because you are so good and you can bring a very good value to the table.