June 29, 2016


You don't need to prove yourself to people, you don't need to tell everyone how good you are. If you have the numbers then you have the respect. People loves numbers, people loves seeing a lot. If you have a lot of things in your life then you will gain their respect.

Subscribers. It only means your content is amazing and useful. It only means your works were really good if you have a lot of subscribers. Don't ever wonder if nobody cares to listen to you, it only means your work is shit and useless. If you can offer people some useful things in life then you will gain a lot of subscribers.

Number of failures. People will still respect you even if you have a lot of failures, it simply means you are really trying hard and you have a never quit attitude. Even if your failures is a lot more than your success, you are still a winner. In life, it doesn't mater how many times you fail, what matter is how many times you try. Those people who were afraid to fail will never make it big in life. If you are not scared to fail or let's say you are scared but you still try... The world is yours. Success loves people who were willing to fail and try again. So, keep on failing and you will prevail.

Money. It is sad to know that the more money you have the more respect you will get even if you are a bad person. Let's give the nasty and arrogant millionaires some credit for having a lot of money because they really work hard for it. People respect them even if they were not respectful, it really means that numbers play a major role in life. So if you want to get respected get more money, just make sure your attitude will never change, make sure you are still a good person.

Number of achievements. If you achieve a lot people will praise you, people will be amazed at you. That is why if you want to be labelled as a successful person then gather a lot of awards, as many as you can. Achieve a lot. It doesn't matter what the achievement is, what matter is you are achieving something, and if you are winning a lot your confidence will soar high. People will respect you even more.

Just find something that you will put a lot of numbers. It can be about pushups, number of minutes on treadmill, number of songs you can play, number of jobs you've experienced etc. and you will be rewarded. People loves numbers that is why even the ugliest record on Guinness world of records was respected. There is something about quantity that people loves, maybe it is because of the difficulty or maybe people see the hardwork behind those numbers.

If you have a choice, are you going to marry a woman who can only do one thing in house or a woman who can do a lot?


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