June 29, 2016


People say that they gave their everything but their everything wasn't good enough that is why they fail. This is a stupid excuse. If you really give your everything then you are sure to succeed. Or maybe they don't know what is the real meaning if giving everything, maybe they don't know what it is all about. They thought that just because they feel a little pain and suffering means they really give their best and everything they've got. Giving everything is not an easy thing to do that is why not too many can do it.

If you really give everything then you will surely succeed. The universe will give up on you, it will grant you what you wish, it will submit and you will become super victorious.

How to know if you really give everything:

1. You no longer have time for your family, friends or relatives. Because you were so hooked in achieving something, all you do is take steps to become successful. You don't care if you miss some important birthdays, you don't care if someone is missing you so much, you literally don't care because all you wanted is to become successful. Your time is only allotted for your dreams and nothing more. You were very selfish of your time because you think that wasting time will make you fail.

2. Death. You will die for your dreams. It doesn't matter if you get sick, get worn out or die. You will give your life just to achieve something, you don't care if you are still breathing or not. Take some UFC fighters as an example, they badly wanted to win so they never tapped out in submission. Even if they got choked or something, they never tapped out. The result is they fell asleep, it is almost death. They never quit until the end, that is how you give everything.

3. You don't have an image to protect. You don't care if you look bad or insane, for as long as you are doing the things that you think is right for your dreams. You don't care about what people say, you just follow your heart and intuition.