June 29, 2016


In life having too much fun is not healthy, it takes away the balance in your life. If your goal is to have fun all day because you were blinded by the word "YOLO" then you are in terrible spot my friend.

What if you need to take care of your diet but all you want is to have fun? You are drinking and smoking all day because that is fun for you. You don't care if your belly is ballooning so big and your heart is having too much fat. Because to you, having fun is what matters most. Do this for a few more months and let's see where will you end at. In a cemetery or in a hospital bedridden. Now tell me are
you really having fun? are you having fun wasting your life and putting your life in danger?

Playing video games the whole day. This is fun for the first three hours but if you continue playing the whole day, then it is not fun anymore. While playing the video games, all of your responsibilities will be set aside and not taken care of. You have an assignment but you refused to do it, you need to wash your clothes but you choose playing video games first. Your mom is asking you to do something but you keep on hitting the button of your PSP. Now tell me, do you have a peace of mind while playing video games? Does it make you smart? did it make your life better? Playing something without sweating, I mean without physical activity on your body will make you dumb. Play video games for the whole month and step on a weighing scale, let's see if you can have fun looking at your overweight.

You get jealous with your friends going on a vacation almost every month so you do the same. But you need to impress them so you do it twice a month. You are so much having fun, you post your images at social media, you were so popular, everyone gets jealous with you, they thought you were already rich. But when the bill in your credit card is piling up and agents were contacting you every now and then to pay your huge debts, now tell me was having too much fun really fun? Is hiding from bill collectors fun? is feeling too much pressure to pay your bills really fun?

You can have fun if you are deserving to have fun. If you have extra money, if you already finish your tasks, if you take care of your health and put it in a stable position then that is the time to have fun. But also make sure that the time for having fun is not too much to the point where you risk your health and you put your life in a bad spot.

Be responsible if you are having fun. Never forget the responsibilities that you have, never forget that your life is not all about having fun, it is also about facing challenges and making yourself better. You can have fun anytime you want if you already finish all the important things first.