June 29, 2016


What is growth? is it something that deals with promotion? or achieving something great in a corporate world? NO, growth is something that has growth. It is something that is progressing. Growth is achieved when you feel something is added in your system that is positive and useful.

Some people will say that there is no growth in BPO careers and blue collars jobs. That is just a myth, that thing was said by arrogant people who think they were better than others. They don't know what growth really is. Growth can be found anywhere, as long as you feel that your life gets better a little bit then you already grow.

Growth in personality. Whatever job you have, if your personality grow then you also achieved growth. What I mean is you developed the right attitude. You enjoy working, you were never late, you love doing your job and you are very appreciative for having it. Even if your job is not so popular and not in higher position, if you are taking it seriously everyday and you know you have a purpose then you already achieved growth. If you are not cursing your job and you knew you play an important role in the company then you are also growing. In other words you are very professional.

Growth in money. Again, whatever job you have, if you feel like you are progressing then you are growing. If you have a bank account and you make a conservative effort to at least put something on it every month then you are growing. Whatever amount it is,may it be big or small, if you are putting something then you are growing. Even if you don't have a regular job, you can find growth in money, buy a piggy bank, put something on it everytime you earn money for taking some rackets, you already achieved growth.

Some people were always looking for growth, they were never satisfied in their jobs, they always look for the bigger paychecks not knowing that growth can be found anywhere only if they look for it and work for it.

Some people whine too much about their jobs, they say there is no growth in the company they are working, they cannot find it because their focus is on the lack of growth and not on the growth itself. If you are working in a company for 10 or more years and you were not promoted for just once, it doesn't mean you didn't achieved growth. If you were a bumass before you work in the company and you are a grown man now who knows the right things to do then you already grow. If before you have no good clothes and you look like a cave man, but now you look like a clean person then you also grow.

Growth is everywhere, I repeat once you've seen a little improvement in your life, may it be about attitude, money or just learning a small useful skill then you already grow. Never complicate growth because you will not find it. Some have big standards such as you have to be a CEO or manager or earn millions to prove that you grow. Growth is knowing honestly in yourself that you are a different and improved person than yesterday.