June 29, 2016


For as long as you keep on doing the right thing, you will be alright. There s no need to worry, no need to wonder, no need to be afraid. Just keep on moving, just keep on challenging life and you will have a lot of opportunities.

If you keep on moving you will find something. If you keep on searching you can make things happen. That is the number one rule, there is a reason for your movement, there is a price waiting for your effort. So don't be mad and don't be sad if results weren't showing yet. The longer you wait, the larger the reward will be.

So then, if you are pursuing something like wanting to be a singer, even if the breaks weren't there yet, if you keep on singing everyday and finding places where you can sing then you will be alright. You don't know where will the breaks will come from but it will come, you don't know when will the money come but for sure it will also come.

MOVING = REALIZING. Just make sure that what you are doing is related to your dreams or else you will be lost.

If you are looking for a job and you almost got frustrated because all of the companies are rejecting you, again have faith. You are moving so something will happen. It is very basic, if you don't look for a job then the job will not look for you. If you are looking for something then that something is also looking for you, it is just a matter of time when your paths will cross.

You will be find if you keep on finding, there is no other way around. Success will find you, opportunities will find you. Keep moving, keep exerting effort.