June 21, 2016


Are you really happy with what is going on in your life? Are you satisfy with the results in your life? You let people see that you are happy but was that really true? Is that smile in your face genuine and natural?

Are you ok with just being a bench everyday and having only limited minutes? the worse is sometimes you are not even used by your coach. They don't give you playing time, they will only use you if there is an injured player or if the game is almost over and the star players need to rest.  Are you ok with that role? Yeah, maybe your team is winning but you didn't contribute to the victory, you are just on the bench cheering your teammates and pretending that you are also a winner, are you ok with that?

Are you really happy being commanded by others but you know in yourself you are better than them? is that real happiness and contentment or are you just afraid to show your true colors because you think you might step on them and hurt them? Are you just afraid to be labelled as arrogant and trying hard? what is the real truth? you're being kind to them or being mean to yourself because you are not letting yourself soar and take the limelight.

Are you ok being unemployed because there is someone supporting your needs? Are you really happy being fed by others' hands and not yours? what kind of a life is that? your happiness depends from others and not from yourself. This only means your happiness is very limited and can be taken away from you anytime.

Just because everything looks ok doesn't mean you are really ok. I know deep inside you want more and you want to do it yourself. You also want to have a bigger slice of cake and not just the icing.

If you are creating success by yourself then that is the true happiness, people are faking that they are happy because someone is succeeding and their just a part of it, sometimes their presence doesn't even exist but they show to the people that they are ok with that. But when they go home, they feel a little sad and incomplete. They feel useless and hopeless.

You will only become happy if you are not dependent and if no one is limiting you. You will be happy if you have a big participation and you are forced to give your best. You will never be happy if you are just watching at the corner and letting others operate. You're just like a cheerleader or pep squad who can just shout and use his saliva.

True happiness comes from moving, progressing and succeeding. If you are not achieving something or if you are not playing a big role then you will feel incompleteness, your confidence will go down and people will just leave you anytime they want. Your power will become weaker if you are not taking action. And speaking of power, do you really have power if you let others use you as their confetti?