June 02, 2016



If you were so shy to expose your ideas because you were so afraid that you might be judged or nobody will like it... Stop thinking that way, JUST EXPOSE IT. Expose every little details of it, tell the world how it works, explain it very carefully and watch it inspire a lot of people.

It doesn't matter if nobody will like it, what matters is you expose it. And the truth is... someone might be needing or waiting for your idea because every idea has a designated receiver. Your ideas can be used by different people even if you thought that it is useless. Some people might laugh at it, some people might love it, some people might be touched by it so never ever keep your ideas in a box where no one can use it.

Every idea is useful for as long as it is positive and its pure intention is to help people. There are thousands of ideas that were kept because of fear, those ideas could have helped people who were in need, those ideas could have saved lives, those ideas could have changed the world.

If you keep you ideas, you will forever regret it especially if you see someone who has the same idea as yours and succeeding because he is never afraid to spread his idea.

So expose your ideas now, spread it to the world, be proud of it before it's too late and those ideas were no longer needed. It doesn't matter if nobody wants to appreciate it, what matters is you share something to the world, you take your chance and you give the world something new, you give them something to think about and something new that they can test for themselves.

And even if your idea now didn't bring success into your life, don't be sad because what matters is you exposed it and you see that it didn't succeed, the good thing here is you will come up with another new idea because you unleashed the old ones. You give another space to your brain to summoned another idea. Who knows your new idea will become successful this time?

Never be afraid to express yourself, never be afraid to spread your intentions, every great person in this world is never shy to share his knowledge to the world. And even if no one cares to listen to you, you still succeed because the fearlessness to express yourself is being developed. You will also get a feedback and you will know what to do next time. You will become smarter and sharper, you will have a bigger chance of succeeding next time.

Another good thing about expressing your idea is even if it fails, someone might tweak it a little bit, correct the mistakes and make it successful. It doesn't matter if you didn't get the credit, what matters is you become the stepping stone of someone's success. If he acknowledge you or not, at least you knew in yourself you become a good contributor.