June 06, 2016


COZ IT'S ALL YOU CAN DO  - rugged breed

You don't have to question yourself if what you are doing will make you successful or not. If you are slow and the progress seems to be very tiny like a bacteria on the microscope... don't be harsh on yourself coz it's all you can do. The good thing is you are still moving and you don't want to stop. Be proud of yourself for the every little movement that you are willing to do and can do. Success is not measured by the capability but by the tenacity.

If there is someone questioning you why you keep on repeating what are you doing just tell them "Coz it's all I can do". It's all you can do to make yourself happy, it's all you can do to avoid living a life full of regret. Moving and making a little progress everyday is all you can do so if you are slow. don't mind it. Just keep on doing what you think will make your situation better, there is nothing wrong in doing very little steps. Little steps will make you go further, aiming for big steps will just make you slower.

It's all you can do, what you are doing in the moment is all you can do, you cannot do two things at the same time or else you will freak out and make a lot of mistakes. There is no need to prove yourself, no need to impress others, just do what you can do without having to try so hard to the point where you are not enjoying what you are doing anymore.

If you are asking yourself why can you only do limited things, the answer is because that is all you can do at the moment, you don't need to belittle yourself if you can only do little. What matters is you don't stop and you don't complain, you accept your weaknesses and you give yourself a chance.

And also, you know in yourself if you can do more but you are not doing more, you know in yourself if you are doing lesser than what you are capable of, and by doing that, you are not living your life the way it should be lived. It is like you just came to this world to be an accessory and not the main design.

If you want to do more push yourself, push a little bit, extend your abilities. If you don't want to get frustrated and feel the lack of ability then just do your best, forget about the outcome. Always let go, forget about failing, forget about getting tired, move until you cannot move anymore. Use every ounce of energy that you can use, never hold back because in the end, if you didn't utilize all of your tools, you will just blame yourself and you will think about what if you give your best. You will always be haunted by the mediocre effort that you did in the past.

Just do it anyway. Look inside of yourself, every movement that you made must be done with your full strength and nothing lesser than that. Stop something that needs to be stopped with your courage and boldness, don be afraid of getting hurt, just stop it. Do something if you need to do it, do it with all of your belief that you can do it, failure should not enter your mind, not even for a second. Just do what you can do even if it takes lifetime to achieve it.