June 24, 2016


Substitute doubt with faith, this is the correct substitution. If you are doubting yourself then for sure you will fail in anything that you are doing. If you have faith then everything is possible. You can command your fate if you have faith. It is easy, just focus on what you can do and faith will become bigger, never focus on your weakness because it will not lead you to greatness. Believing in something impossible is better than disbelieving in something that is doable. With belief you can stretch yourself, you can do things that you thought you can't do before. With proper belief system, sky is the limit for you.

Substitute laziness with hardwork. This is another correct substitution. This will entirely change your life. If you are very lazy doing your assignments, just simply do it. Even if you feel so lazy, even if you feel so heavy just take the first step and everything will become easier. If you caught yourself being so hooked in watching tv for 8 hours a day, cut it out. Do something more productive and beneficiary, it can be just doing simple household chores, simple exercise or establishing a small business to earn money in the future. Laziness will lead to craziness, I am telling you if you will not find a substitute for it... you're a walking dead.

Substitute negativity with positivity. If you have nothing good to say then just shut your mouth. Stop spreading negative vibes because that shit won't help. If you can't contribute anything positive then don't be a burden. Just keep quiet and let people do their thing. Never pull someone down instead raise him up and help him to achieve his goals. Don't get jealous if someone is succeeding because by doing so, it only means you cannot duplicate what they achieved so you just choose to be jealous. Believe in yourself that you too can succeed and become someone else. Always stay positive so you can attract good things in life.

Substitute being dependent with self reliance. Have a mindset that you are the captain of your own ship and there will be no one who can give you a good life other than you. Stop asking for freebies, stop asking for help if you can do it on your own. If you can have the discipline to act on your own, learn by your own and get things by your own then what you can achieve in life is unimaginable. You can become big, you can create a name for yourself if you will rely on yourself. There is no other way to change your life than doing it by yourself, no one can hand success to you. It is your duty to fulfill your own legacy.

Anything in this world is replaceable. Anything can be disrupted. You can change bad things with good things. It is up to you how to do it. Nothing is permanent, change is a choice, change is always possible. Yes it is difficult at first but if you stay committed then you will be rewarded.