June 13, 2016


When someone criticized you about the goal that you are pursuing what are you going to do? Are you going to make violent reactions or instead take more actions so your goal will be achieved faster? Are you going to fight back?, criticized them too and defend yourself or are you going to just ignore them and push harder even more?

This is why people can't live freely and can't get what they want faster than they expected, they always react to something that is not that important. They give importance to what people say, they lose focus and they tend to forget the bigger picture. They let anger control them, they want to revenge that makes them look stupid and powerless.

Always choose action over reaction, this is the best thing to do. Taking actions will make you forget what they say, you will move faster towards your dreams and you will have a bigger chance of succeeding. Reacting will just attract negative situations and you will only give your critics the power to pull you down, they will be happy because they see you annoyed and feeling bad.

Just take massive action and become successful. This is how to beat them, this is how to put them into silence. Show them that you are not a joke and that you are very serious in what you are doing. Prove them wrong and prove yourself right, have the courage to move forward despite if being bashed and stabbed at your back. Feel happy everyday because not all people can have the courage to pursue his dreams.